Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Moments

 - The daffodils came (and went).

- Easter was celebrated.

- Peonies ready to burst into bloom.

- Hydrangeas went from the Easter table to the garden.

- Jaxson discovers the great outdoors.

- Carrot cake serves a dual purpose this year :)

- Tulips bloomed just in time for Easter.

- A day trip to the UNCC gardens.

- Fresh lettuce being served daily from the patio salad bowl.

"April is a promise that May is bound to keep"
~ Hal Borland


  1. I must buy some lettuce to plant! Wow! I love your peonies. Mine are still just leaves shooting up. It's chilly here.
    Great post with lots of pretty, Kim.

  2. Wonderful synopsis of your April. Your little grandson makes me smile as he investigates his world. Delightful photo!

  3. That fat peony bud is a sign of beautiful things to come. How sweet is your little one exploring his world. The months go by so quickly, full of moments like these to cherish.

  4. Lovely post. We still have most of those things to look forward to. : )
    My April would have snow pictures!!

  5. Aaaahhhh......Jaxson is adorable, the blooms are glorious, the eggs are perfection, and I LOVE your salad bowl!

  6. It's nice to look back and so great that we take lots of photos to remember all the special moments. I love hydrangeas...they are my favorite flower. Enjoy your week! Hugs

  7. Beautiful! Our peonies need another week or two...and my lettuce is no where near ready for the table...but spring has definitely sprung.

  8. Aren't mosaics so much fun to create? Yours is done so well and I like reading about each picture. I think it is fun to think of you as a new grandma this Easter, and love seeing little Jaxson experiencing his first Easter fun.

  9. Sweet and precious April moments , Kim, thanks for sharing, I think warm weather has finally come to N.C.


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