Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Sunset Cruise

After dinner last night we decided to take a little sunset cruise.
This would be Jaxson's first boat ride.
We were curious to see how he would like it.

 Grandpa was happy to have assistance with the captain's duties.

 Once we dropped anchor, he also experienced his first swim in the lake.  

Despite the bulky life vest, he seemed to take it all in stride.




  1. How cute, Kim! He isn't one bit afraid! Oh, I LOVE boats!

  2. Awww...what a darling expression on his face. Something between awe and curiosity. It's so much fun to experience children's firsts. (Still waiting for this post to arrive in my inbox. )

  3. So sweet. Jaxson looks like he's enjoying floating on the water. The sky in the first photo is amazing.

  4. So cute! He seemed really relaxed in the water. xo

  5. This is so sweet, Kim, he was taking it in stride because he knows he was in good hands. ~smile~

  6. Looks like he enjoyed his boat ride and swim. LOVE Jaxson relaxing with his life vest. He looks quite content. : )

  7. What wonderful memories these adorable pics will hold. The last one is precious, like Jaxson floats nonchalantly daily, perhaps contemplating cloud patterns or watching birds fly over.

    Happy Summer days - bit sticky but then that's our south!

    Hugs - Mary

  8. Gaxson is getting big! He looked totally at home on the boat and the lake.

  9. These pictures are just priceless! The one of Jaxson floating could win a photography award. What a fortunate little guy he is.

  10. Hi, Kim!
    Jaxson is so cute! That last picture... oh, he's adorable!


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