Tuesday, July 22, 2014

When Life Hands You Disarray...

 My messy kitchen table is just an extension of the discombobulation going on here right now.
Very soon my husband's small business will move from a rented office building to our home sweet home.  After nearly 25 years, this will be quite a change for us.
We've been going full-throttle to sort through years and years of stuff in the garage, attic and son's former bedroom to make room for the desks, file cabinets, computers, new phone system, etc. needed for conducting business from home. 

I met Brett at work a long time ago and have worked along with him in some capacity since he started his business all those years ago.
Along with sorting through things here at home, we've been paring down to the bare bones at the office.  In amongst all of the stuff lies years and years of memories.  Former employees, office parties, business trips, loyal customers and on and on...
This (somewhat) unexpected move is reminding me how quickly time goes by.  There seem to be more of those reminders at this stage of life, I think. 
While I'm not quite sure how all of this will work out, I am trying hard to set it up here so that our office space is kept separate from our home space.  
Right now, the upstairs hallway is lined with stuff in transition.
I spent the morning scrubbing baseboards and carpet.
Now it's time to step away from all of that and bring some order and beauty to at least one spot.
I started by clearing the clutter from the table and then went in search of a clean tablecloth. 

Okay, I folded this one so carefully after laundering it last time.
What the heck happened?
I briefly considered leaving it. 

But, I just couldn't do it.
I love the looks of freshly pressed vintage linens.
I actually don't mind ironing them either.  Sometimes I'm a wee bit lazy when it comes to wrangling the ironing board out of the coat closet, however.

 I've been on the hunt for an oval tray to use in the center of my table.  My sister-in-law spotted this one the other day and the hunt was over.  I love the patina and the mixture of metals.  Let's have some fun playing with it as we spruce up the table, shall we?

My backyard is also in a state of discombobulation, but that's another story for another day.
I was able to gather a bouquet of limelight hydrangeas out there this morning.
I am liking the cut crystal with the tray.  How about you?
You know those posts where they give you step by step directions for creating the perfectly pinworthy centerpiece vignette for your table?  Well, this is not one of those.  This is just little ole me mixing and matching with my garden flowers and thrift shop treasures.  

 Speaking of thrift shop treasures, I pulled a few dishes out of the cupboards.
That tiny tea cup had no saucer.  It's tiny price tag made me no longer care about missing saucers.
I like my table centerpiece vignettes to have a candle included.
Looking for something less predictable than a candlestick, I'm going to try using the tea cup.


I think that is the cozy glow I'm looking for.
That little snippet of hydrangea fell off while I was arranging them.
I'm good with leaving it on the tray.  What about you?
The goblet in the forefront was given to me by my Aunt Marge.
I was still in junior high when she gave them to my mom to save for "Kimmy" (as my family affectionately calls me :).  Aunt Marge said she thought I would appreciate them and she is right.  I kept them neatly packed in a box in my closet until my wedding day.  
She received them as a wedding gift.
She was 13 years older than my mom.  If my mom was still alive she would now be 90.  I'm too tired to do all of the math, but I think we can conclude that they are very old.
I'm just happy to have them.  
Good memories of my dear aunt.

 While it's true that most of my house, yard and office are in a major state of disarray, all's well at the table.  
Oh yes, the beauty of blogland... a wonderful place to come to escape reality from time to time ;-D.

Now I guess it's time to get back to reality and make some dinner to go on that table.  I'm thinking this  will be on the menu tonight.  It looks like a great way to use the tomatoes and basil I picked from the garden.



  1. Oh now this represents a big change. Consolidation can be a good thing. Your tablecloth looks just like mine...I usually use the steamer on them because the thought of climbing stairs to iron...ugh. You always set a lovely table.

  2. When life gets overwhelming it is so sorry to have a little of beauty to look upon! Hope all works out with the office move!

  3. Sorry! I did not mean sorry, but meant nice to have a little beauty to look upon!! It has been a long, long day! LOL

  4. Hydrangeas are my favorite flower. They are so beautiful to cut for a bouquet and to dry later. Love your pretty arrangement and I'm wishing you and your husband the very best in this new direction with his business. Sweet hugs, Diane

  5. A big change for you but sounds like a good one.
    I love your arrangement, very creative.
    My back yard must look like yours. : )

  6. Your table centerpiece is simply lovely and I must say I really like the silver tray. Everything is beautiful.

    I was visiting sweet Diane at Lavender Dreamer when I saw your icon and your name 'Happy@Home caught my attention so I decided to come for a little visit and I'm so glad I did - you have a delightful blog and I am now happily following along. Looking forward to visiting again.

    Have a beautiful day!

  7. This is a time of life when one looks back and sees the years behind and wonders at the speed with which they passed. Transition from office to home office will be something for both of you to adjust to.
    Love the serene spot in the midst of chaos. Your table cloth is lovely, as are the various bits and pieces you pulled together to create the centerpiece.

  8. Kim, I had to chuckle at what you considered a messy kitchen table...I've seen worse - like the "where to I start" kind of messy. But with your table cloth and lovely arrangements on it now, I can see what you mean. Your table now looks so lovely and inviting.

    I send my best wishes for your business' new location. It will be fine and I'm sure you'll arrangement a perfect office space - wouldn't it be lovely to have afternoon tea together?

    Blessings for your new endeavor,
    Marianne xo

  9. I love your table setting. The centerpiece is very pretty and the hydrangeas are beautiful. Your table and chairs look very much like mine. I've had my set many years, but still love them.
    Have a great day and best of luck with the new business arrangement!

  10. As a note of encouragement, we went through the same thing about 10 years ago. I have friends who thought we were crazy, but due to finances, it made sense to sell our building and move the business into our house. It was a great decision and has worked out so well for us. I'm sure it will for you too. Very pretty table. We do have to have a spot where we can feel like everything (there) is settled and peaceful. :-)

  11. Hi Kim! I HAVE to iron tablecloths, too. I even want to iron the ones that go outside on our beat up picnic table.
    I wish you all the best as you relocate your husband's business to your home. Home is best.

  12. Kim, yes Blogland is a place where we can all escape from time to time!
    A warm hello from the Pacific NW coast,

  13. My escape from the busyness of life right now, has just been made a little brighter, and I know that I am
    on a search for a new vignette for my table. Yours looks so pretty! Everyone would love to sit at that
    kitchen table, even if it was only for a cup of coffee. I especially like that you have to iron your linens...me too, and that you left the snippet lay where it was, because I like it there!

    Thanks for adding joy to my day. Best wishes for the new adventure you and your husband are on.

  14. Best wishes to you and your husband as he transitions to working form home, Kim! My husband is retiring this autumn, and it will also be a transition time for both of us We are looking forward to having more time together during the week, but I also know I will need to adjust to having him home all day as I have my own rhythm right now. Luckily we have many common interests so I think all will be well.

    Your table looks beautiful! Love the antique tray and the limelight hydrangeas are gorgeous!


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