Monday, July 7, 2014

New Couches

After what turned out to be a picture perfect holiday weekend, you'd think I'd have more exciting photos than a picture of my couch.
I believe I was so busy enjoying the moments that I never once picked up the camera.  I must say I loved having the 4th fall on a Friday.  How great to be able to carry  the festive summery feeling right into the weekend.  The other thing I loved was the absence of humidity we enjoyed throughout the weekend.  I think that's almost unheard of for a summer day in the south.  Let me just say that, at least for me, it was a blessed relief and reason enough to celebrate.
So we enjoyed time on the lake, in the lake, grilling, watching the fireworks, in the pool and a few walks were thrown in there too.

Now, about that couch.
After 15 years our family room love seats were showing their age.
Not to mention they were always way too short for my 6' husband and sons to sprawl out on comfortably.

Not too long ago Brett and I had some time to kill while waiting for the car to be serviced.  Spotting a new-to-me consignment shop I asked him to drop me off.  With no intentions of purchasing anything, I happened to spot this couch.  The colors were my home decor colors in a nutshell.  Not necessarily colors I see in the furniture stores today.  Since I don't want to re-decorate the whole room, I was keeping my fingers crossed that they would fit in with what I had.  A bit risky as they couldn't be returned.
We had to remove one end table to accommodate the new length.  Other than that, a perfect fit.  
Not only for the room, but for those 6' tall men too.

 Speaking of perfect fits, I'm playing around with photo sizes here today.  I usually choose the extra large size.  Today I'm trying large instead.  If you have any thoughts on the whole matter, please feel free to share them.


  1. The couches look great! So serendipitous to find just the colors you needed to fit in with your scheme. I'm finding that leaving the camera behind sometimes is a very good thing. Pictures can be stored in the memory, too, leaving more time for interaction with the people we are with. Glad you had such a great 4th of July.

  2. How great that you found the couch at a consignment shop! We had such wonderful weather for 4th of July in Alabama too! We could not have enjoyed it more!

  3. It has taken your blog hours to update... I'm going to have to come looking for you when I see you out and about. What a great find! It couldn't be any better. As for picture size, I like all sizes so I try to toss in a variety. And I like to see different sizes. You will note that I took a closer look at that sofa!

  4. The sofa was a wonderful find! I love the colors in the upholstery. I usually post different sizes of photos and I think whatever size you choose and like for your post will be fine.

  5. Hi Kim! VERY pretty colors! Yay for reusing, recycling, reducing! Good job!

  6. What a great find! The colors are perfect!

  7. A great find indeed, your colors are beautiful it looks comfortable too, which matters most to me. We have a love seat that is so uncomfortable! Enjoy! We too enjoyed the nice weather on the 4th, but are really cooking this week, hopefully it will cool off soon!
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. As soon as I saw your sofa, I thought to myself, what a perfect sofa for you! I think you made a great choice! I just know how nice that will look in your room. My daughter made a similar find recently and I hope to share it too. As for the size of pictures, I really like the extra large ones, especially when one shares the amount of beauty that you do, I like to see it as clear as possible:) Just my opinion.

  9. I missed this post somehow till now. Love the couch.
    I usually use the large size and figure people can click on it to make it bigger. I do use the other sizes too depending on what the picture is. The first picture on my blog that is a carry over from my photo blog I have extra large.
    The size doesn't matter to me on other people blogs.

  10. I feel cooler and more relaxed just looking at that couch! Those six foot guys may find relaxing on them to be irresistible!


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