Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sending Love From My Happy Home to Yours

Just popping out of my little yellow house with the blue shutters to send a little LOVE your way this Valentine's Day.

I've dusted off my Valentine's Day bonnet and. . .

helped Cupid sharpen up his bows.

Early this morning I wandered into the rose garden (ahem) and selected a beautiful and fragrant rose just for you.
From the warm and cozy kitchen you may smell the scent of the cherry pie whirling and swirling through the air as the tea kettle whistles a happy tune.
We did a little early morning baking just for you, Sweetie Pie.

After all, I couldn't let this day go by without wishing you all a
Happy Valentine's Day.
The little (yellow & blue) bird has it right...
A Valentine for Someone NICE.  You all are so nice and I wish you happiness and love today.

On a side note I learned that one of my blog friends is celebrating a birthday today.  If you have a moment to stop by and wish her a Happy Birthday, I think that would make her smile. I also think you will enjoy your visit as her blog looks just like a pretty Valentine. You can visit her at Leisure Lane by clicking here
Happy, Happy Birthday to Marianne
Happy, Happy Valentine's Day to all.
Looks like it's going to be a happy day all around.



  1. I love your little stove and all the pretty things....and pies! I found some little pots and pans for mine at all places...CVS! Happy Valentine's Day my friend! xox, Diane

  2. Happy Valentine's Day to you, Kim! I wish you lots of chocolate and an armful of roses!

  3. What a fun and cheery Valentine! That little stove looks like it's smiling!! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day.

  4. A sweet Valentine's greeting! Your collection of vintage Valentines is darling. Hope that you and Mr. Happy at Home enjoy the day...

  5. visiting from Pom Pom...happy V Day to you as well!

  6. What a happy, lovely post.
    Happy Valentine's Day to you too. : )

  7. Your valentine things are so cute, and of course I LOVE your stove. I've never seen a little teapot before. Adorable!

  8. Oh my, Kim, thank you so much for mentioning me with your delightful birthday wishes! This explains the sweet messages I received from some very lovely ladies who love your blog as much as I do. I hope your day was full of ♥

    I certainly think your Valentine decor is precious - those vintage Valentines bring back many childhood memories. And of course, I always love that sweet miniature kitchen set. The stove simply makes my whole being smile when I see it. It, too, brings me back to loving days with my mother, whom I miss very much.

    Have a very happy Sunday,
    Marianne xo

  9. a perfect post for Valentines day. Sure hope your day was filled with love and sunshine.

  10. Wishing you a belated Happy Valentine's Day too, Kim! Love all you vintage photos.

  11. This is the sweetest Valentine message, Kim. I hope you had a lovely day, too.

  12. You really found that gorgeous rose in your garden??? Wow! That is amazing! I find only lots of white in my garden,
    but it is almost too cold to photograph it for you:) What pretty collections you have! It is fun to see them, but even better to read the way you write your posts, with kindness and love. So happy I stopped by this morning.

  13. Judy,
    No, I was kidding about finding the rose in my garden. It is really a photo from a rose I had seen on a garden walk a few years ago.


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