Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Spring Arrives in the Kitchen

 Something about this tray caught my eye recently.
Perhaps it was the chippy handle, the yellow bead board or the fact that it was made by a local woman.
Not quite sure, but it brought out the want vs. need conversation between my sister-in-law and I.
We were attending the opening of a friend's shop where it was charmingly displayed propped up on the back of a porch swing.  A vintage daffodil print was incorporated into the grouping along with a few other color coordinated pieces.  It all looked so pretty together and I knew if I was at all interested I'd better grab it as things were going quick.  So I did.  I carried it around as we looked at all of the beautiful displays, all the time wondering did I really need it (not really).  
My sister-in-law and our friend instantly said "it's SO you."
Ha!  Do your friends and/or relatives ever tell you that?
We talked a bit about the potential uses.
I started to think maybe I really did need it afterall.

 The opening day $10 off coupon helped to make the decision.
Once home I decided the best place to use it now was on my kitchen island which is trimmed in white bead board.
Since I'm in the mood for some spring touches, I went up to the attic to do some springtime "shopping".
These tall daffodils seemed like a good way to get started on my vignette.

This vintage potholder sported the right shade of yellow and a pop of blue.

Ditto for my old chalkware bird.

 A votive from the thrift shop.
I like the hobnail look of the votive holder paired with the vintage elements.

 ~ Sing A Song of Springtime, Sweet Little Bluebird ~

Okay, I have to agree...
it is "so me"
I think it will be fun to decorate for Easter, Fall and even use for practical purposes as a serving tray.  Not to mention I feel good supporting my friend's local business and also the lady who made it.

Edited to add:

I'm laying off the Springtime posts for awhile as I think they are jinxing things around here:

 This is what we woke up to the day after creating my spring vignette. :/.


  1. I love your cheery tray, Kim! Your kitchen is so pretty! Stay warm!

  2. Oh it does look so you and it is charming. I love it all.
    I got to walk outside this morning. : )

  3. Yup, you all over! Yup, I do tell my friends and family that. True confessions: if I don't have much mad money to spend, I can get the same thrill out of seeing someone else purchase an item. Talk about living life vicariously!

  4. Kim, the "sugar" coating wake up call is sooo beautiful! We don't get much snow (any snow) here, except maybe once every 7 years or so, and maybe more. So to me that is such a lovely scene.

    Your purchase is wonderful, and creates a perfect foundation for your vignette. I also like your vintage potholder very much. And yes, I think the tray will look wonderful for Easter or the Fall.

    Blessings for a lovely day,
    Marianne xo

  5. I love the tray and how you have it decorated! It looks like it belongs in your kitchen, so I'd say it's definitely you! (I have heard that, too.)

  6. a perfect little vignette! only 22 days til spring... It will get here eventually. slowly but surely...
    have a great weekend

  7. I do love your tray - and thought immediately - I wonder if my hubs would build one for me! I do love the cheery yellow, but it is extra pretty because of your lovely kitchen and décor. Really - your kitchen is so pretty.

  8. Love the bright and sunny tray, so cheerful! Your kitchen looks so lovely and practical.

  9. What a cute tray Kim. I love your little vignette. Oh by the way, if that isn't enough snow for you I could maybe arrange to send you a few feet from our property....what do you think?

    1. Jeannette,
      You are so kind :). As much as I'd like to accept your offer, I'm satisfied that ours is almost melted and the daffodils are getting ready to bloom. I hope it won't be long until yours is a thing of the past.

  10. That pretty, old looking tray is the best thing to place on your island! I think it looks just like it belongs there, and of course you would be able to create a lovely vignette to go along with it! I think it all looks so cheerful and colorful. Today, here in my part of the world, it is so cold, and so dismal and more snow is predicted...7 inches more, that I am so happy I found sunshine here, even if it was through bright yellow paint. Thank you!

  11. Well, it is perfect in your kitchen! And a touch of yellow looks like just what you need when things aren't quite so springlike outside!

  12. Hi Kim, Yes, we've definitely had some roller-coaster weather around here, haven't we? I think we're all definitely ready for spring, and the forecast looks like much warmer temps. next week. :)

    I love this tray -- it's one of the cutest I've seen! The bead board makes it so unique, and I LOVE those handles. I think you'll enjoy using it, so I'm glad you bought it. :) Your vignette is just perfect -- love the potholder and chalkware bluebird. Thanks for sharing Kim, and have a wonderful weekend!


    Denise at Forest Manor


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