Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Cheery Spring Welcome

When it comes to planting bulbs in the fall for color in the spring, I'm not always on top of the job.
I think it has something to do with being burned out from gardening throughout the hot summer.

Last fall I was intrigued by a bag of bulbs that was a mix of blue, yellow and white.
Hard to pass up that combination.
Now that spring has sprung, I'm glad I didn't pass it up.

I think they are rewarding me with a
cheery springtime welcome into my
blue/yellow & white home.

This week has been incredibly beautiful.
Warm enough to open the windows and blow out the winter cooties and eat lunch on the patio.  I plan to enjoy every possible moment out there before the hot, humid stuff arrives.
I hope that you, too, are noticing subtle signs of spring's arrival.

Just so you know that it's not all flowers and fresh air here.
It's also the season for dusting the pollen off of the front door and the outdoor furniture not to mention the cars.
I guess this explosion of blooms comes at a price.


Note to self:  Make the effort to plant those fall bulbs.  Come springtime, you'll be so glad you did!


  1. What a pretty wreath and inviting entrance. Our cars are covered in pollen and at first I thought I had pollen allergies...but now it's more like a regular bad cold. I'm better though! lol Hugs!

    1. Glad to hear you are feeling better, Diane.

  2. I never think ahead like that, though Rosella sent me some beautiful tulip bulbs and I am praying that they will come up. That combination of colors and flowers is perfect for the welcome to your home. Hope that Brett continues to do well. It's good for him to eat on the patio I am sure.

    1. I hope you will share your tulips on your blog when they come up. I am keeping positive thoughts that they will, indeed, come up. Thank you for Brett's well wishes. He is recovering nicely. We will be going to see the surgeon for a follow-up this morning. I do believe the lunches on the patio are going a long way in lifting his spirits.

  3. Your planter looks so pretty and welcoming by your door. Sorry to hear the pollen is already coating everything though. My allergies would be going insane! Here in northern IL, we're just now seeing buds on certain bushes and trees and some daffodils and lilies poking out of the ground, but that's about it!

  4. Your planter is a delight! Is the big plant a Spurge by any chance?

    1. The big plant is a Japanese Sky Pencil Holly.

  5. It certainly does look like Spring at your home. Very pretty!

  6. pretty little flowers! I cant wait for warm springy, flowery days! we're always a little slower to bloom up here!

  7. Gorgeous! I hope the pollen doesn't bug you too much.

  8. Hi Kim, I love your spring flowers and the wreath on your door is beautiful. I tried to find one similar to yours for my door, but I think I waited too late to look. We've had some gray, rainy days here but we've really needed the rain. I can't wait until it's flower planting time here...soon! Have a nice weekend!


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