Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A New Way to Get Your Greens

While we try to stay on top of healthy eating, it can be a challenge to keep up with the information coming at us from so many different sources.  On top of that the thinking changes often on exactly what is good and bad for us.
However, one thing that never seems to change is something our mothers have been telling us for years...
"Eat your vegetables."
Lucky for me I enjoy most vegetables.
Although, I must admit, kale was something I had never even tried until just a few years ago.
I've since made it into chips and salads.  Since I know it is supposed to be super good for us, I am working on cultivating a LOVE for it.  So far, I think my favorite way to eat it is torn into small pieces in a soup.  I think it's the texture that is taking some getting used to.
But, since it does well in my garden, I am continuing my search for ways to incorporate it into my diet.
Recently I came across this idea from P. Allen Smith and decided to give it a try. 

I am now finding it very easy to do something else our mom's were good at... sneaking vegetables in any way they could.
A sprinkling of kale super green powder in my smoothie doesn't alter the taste yet makes me feel super good about eating my greens.
If you are a fan of kale, what is your favorite way to prepare it?


  1. I love veggies, too! My favorite ways to eat kale are using baby kale in salads...I sprinkle it with a little fresh lemon juice and salt and then "massage" it for 30 seconds to tenderize it. Like you, I also use kale in soups and smoothies. Not a fan of kale chips though.

  2. I love kale in salads...so delicious that way and since cooked veggies are so challenging for me to eat...texture is my problem...salads are the way to go. Your drink looks especially delicious!

  3. I like vegetables but don't use kale that much, just in salads.
    I am not a big fan of smoothies, I'd rather chew than drink. : )

  4. I'm not a big fan of Kale. This summer I will try again eating Swiss Chard. We grew way too much last year and couldn't keep up with it so it got over mature. We don't love the taste but like it more than Kale.

  5. Torn in tiny pieces works for me in a salad, but I'm with you - blended with good fruit is easiest.

  6. I like kale massaged with oil in a salad, or sauteed with garlic and a splash of cream, or in soups. I like it most ways! I'm not a fan of smoothies so I haven't tried it that way.

  7. If you can get a baby kale version, it is so good. It's just like baby spinach. So yummy and tender and great in salads. Otherwise, kale is better if you massage it first by sprinkling it with salt and literally hand squeezing it to soften it up and then add it to whatever you are cooking. Smoothies are good, too. :)


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