Sunday, May 14, 2017

A Busy Little Mama

Perched atop the arborvitae, one might think she was just resting from a day of soaring through the skies.
With a bit of keen observation, it becomes clear that much more was going on than a mere rest.

In recent weeks she wove a cozy little nest.
A safe spot to lay her pretty blue eggs.

Last week her little family entered the world.
No doubt happy to be cuddled up together as they nap and become accustomed to life outside of that little blue egg.

Mama spends her days collecting food for her little family.
Flying back and forth throughout the day.
It's so cute to walk near their little home and hear them
chirping away in there.

Mama has chosen the ideal place to perch while keeping watch over her babies.
It's a straight shot to their little home tweet home.

While watching this little bluebird family my thoughts went to all of the mamas out there who quietly go about the business of caring for their children.
It can be a thankless job at times, yet a job filled with precious moments and rich rewards.
I hope that you are reaping some of those rewards today.

~ Happy Mother's Day ~


  1. Happy Mothers Day to you too!
    I love Bluebirds but don't those babies ( and all baby birds I guess) have huge beaks, way out of proportion to their little bodies!!!

  2. And you! One of the Mother's Day graphics I saw was of a young mother of yesteryear with a list a mile long. The caption said: Now what do I have to do today? Oh right, everything!

    I hope that there's a Daddy Bluebird every bit as busy as Mama BB. That's a lot of mouths to feed!

  3. I love bluebirds. 5 is quite a lot!!
    Happy Mother's Day to you too.

  4. What a sweet post for Mother's Day. Bluebirds are so pretty, and we don't have them here, so I always enjoy the photos on people's blogs. Happy Mother's Day to you.

  5. I love this post! What a sweet Mother's Day card this would make. We had a nest of blue birds up near the garden. Every day I noticed the parents going in and out of the box. A few days ago I told my husband that I had not seen the blue birds lately. He carefully opened the box, and there sat two dead baby blue birds. I felt like crying. It was so pitiful, and made me so sad. I can't imagine what happened to the parents...that they would leave the two babies. Hope yours stay safe and you get to see them learn to fly.

  6. What a beautiful message - and beautiful photos to go along with it! I don't think too many mamas get to truly rest on Mother's Day, whether bird or human. I loved seeing your close-up shot of the bluebird, as we don't have them here in northern IL.

  7. Kim, so sweet to watch mama bird! I remember watching one at our previous home and it really was delightful! We even got to watch the babies leave the nest for the first time. I love how you compared them to us human mama! :)

  8. You got great photos of the babies and the mama!! I've been watching two Robin's nests right outside my bedroom window, taking a billion photos - someday they will make it to the blog, ha ha!!


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