Monday, May 8, 2017

First Farmer's Market of the Season

The cool morning that greeted us on Saturday was ideal weather for a little jaunt to the farmer's market.  We like this one located in Winston-Salem, NC. 
As we made our way over to the farmer's stands, it was inspiring to see what was growing in the gardens of the neighboring Old Salem.

The varieties of lettuce looked lovely together.
Almost too pretty to pick.

The large field of poppies was in it's glory.

It's so much fun to explore the different farm stands.
This one offered beautiful strawberries and spring greens.
Unfortunately we had just purchased strawberries (from California).

The floral bouquets were lovely too.

We purchased pasture raised chicken and sausage, tomato plants and a bush cucumber, spinach and tomatoes (greenhouse grown).
As it was getting near lunch time we decided to pick up our meal from the market.
Last year I tried this iced green "Peace" tea.
It was so good that I bought a package to make at home.
It has the health benefits of green tea and the refreshing benefit of mint.  So good especially on a hot summer day.

We took our sandwiches and tea to the car and had a little picnic.

As the day was warming up a bit,
I cracked the car window to this view.
Not bad for an in the car picnic.

I love going to farmer's markets.
The whole idea of eating locally grown food is so appealing to me.
As is being able to support the farmers.
I always learn something new when I take the time to talk to the farmers.  While buying the pasture raised chicken parts to make my chicken broth, the farmer told me that many of his customers tell him that pig's feet are an essential ingredient to the best broth.  Apparently they all say that once you make it this way you'll never go back.  He was all out of feet that day as they were such a popular item.  When I think of little piggy feet in my soup, I don't envision something delicious.  Tell me, have you ever tried it?

While chatting with him I was eyeing that bag with the pink bow above.
Trying to decide what I was looking at I finally came out and asked him.
Seems that is his young daughter's contribution to the farm stand.
Bagged up chicken p**p.
It was important to her to add the pink bow :).
Believe it or not I was very excited to find this.
I have always heard that it makes wonderful fertilizer.
He told me that popping a few p**p pellets on top of the soil in my container plants would work like a time release fertilizer and it also wouldn't burn the plants or their roots.
Sounds good to me.
I'll let you know how it works out.
If you already use this method of fertilizer, perhaps you can share your experiences with me.


  1. I'm not sure about using chicken poop fresh but we got a small load of mostly decomposed stuff earlier in the spring. It's mixed with sawdust so I hope it still works.
    Those red poppies are so amazing. No poppies out here as yet, but I've seen some with buds!
    It is fun to browse at farmer's markets, isn't it? I got some huge radishes at one on Saturday. The fellow there said the tops are delicious in a salad. I tried it but they were NOT.

  2. That's funny, Kim! Poop in a bag with a pink bow!
    I like farmers markets, too. Ours won't be open for quite a while.

  3. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Chicken poo...what next?! LOL! Lovella says the stuff is liquid gold and I believe her. I have access to the stuff and do not use it. I'll await your assessment. Love a good Farmer's Market and a good car picnic. They can't be beat!

  4. I wondered what was in that bag with the pretty bow! I'll bet it works well and your plants will grow like crazy. Sounds like a productive and fun outing to the Farmer's Market.

  5. Our farmers markets kick off Memorial Day Weekend, and the local one is every other Saturday through Mid October. I'm there pretty much every market, and at the end of the season buy enough meat to get me through the winter. I still have about 10 packages of grass fed beef and 3 of chicken, as well as some pork and sausage, so I did pretty well! Good thing I have so many freezers!

  6. Oh that does sound like a fun day. The chicken pellets with the pink bow made me laugh, but I bet they work.
    No, never tired cooking with pigs feet and I can't see my self doing so. : )

  7. I love farmer's markets! They just started up again here but I haven't been to one yet. I like making my own broth, but I've never tried pig feet in my broth. I'm sure it makes the broth flavorful, but I'll have to would gross me out too much. Too funny how the chicken poop is packaged with a pink bow!


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