Thursday, May 4, 2017

Playing in the Powder Room

You may remember a recent trip to the bath and lighting shop in which I was looking to replace the powder room sink.
This one, to be exact.  The one that has always felt much too small.
As you can see the faucet handle is just waiting to send the soap jar flying.  Not to mention it always felt like you had to have the water going at just the right speed.  Too high and water often ended up outside of the sink.  Perhaps on you or the floor.
I'm not sure why it's taken us so long to replace the darn thing.

As if the above wasn't enough , the faucet has been reduced to this.
Pictures bring everything in to better focus, don't they?
What must my guests have been thinking while washing their hands in this room?

This bathroom was decorated when shiny brass was "the thing".
We now know that is no longer the case.
Having said that, I must admit to still liking brass and not being interested in replacing the light fixture, towel bar, etc. just to suit the latest trend.
While at the bath and lighting shop, we were presented with an interesting option in the form of "champagne brass".  Not shiny and not exactly what we used to call antique brass.  The gal who was helping us said that it would work fine with the shiny brass lighting.  In fact, we learned that it is very current to mix various metals now.  Who knew? 

Although our new sink is bigger, she also suggested the crosshatch handles to afford more space for that soap jar.

New sink in place.

A funny thing happened while shopping for that sink...
Seems we didn't realize how much we really needed a new toilet too.
Although the old one was working just fine, it had a few quirks that always annoyed me.
Namely the fact that the tank cover sloped forward just enough that putting anything on there was a set-up for having them slide right off onto the floor.
With a tiny sink and a sloping toilet tank, where's a gal supposed to place the fun stuff.

Like, for instance, the fresh cut roses or...

the all-important scented candle.

Or maybe even both.


  1. I love your new sink and the champagne brass handles! I didn't know there was such a color either, but then again, I haven't been looking lately. I really like that toilet tank lid too - it actually has a pretty design. Ours are narrow and have rounded edges.

  2. Looks very nice and I really like the champagne brass. What a great color! You always make me grin with your fun comments.

  3. Your new improved powder room looks great!! I like having a pedestal sink but like you I'm kind of short of space.

  4. Very nice. I like both the toilet and the sink a lot.
    I would like to replace the toilet and sink in my bathroom too. Maybe I'll redo my bathroom next winter.


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