Monday, May 1, 2017

Weekend Patio Report

One thing I miss about working in an office is the Monday morning catch-up chats with my co-workers.  It was always fun to see who did what and where their weekends took them. 
Now the only co-worker I see on Monday morning is Brett and I pretty much know what he did all weekend as I am usually with him for the bulk of it.
Speaking of co-workers, I called one of them from a long time ago and got caught up on Friday.  A long conversation, but so nice too.
Saturday found us running around doing errands.
As the day went on the temperatures rose into the upper 80s.
By the time we got home, the zero gravity chairs on the patio were calling our names.
As much as I enjoy lounging on the patio, it seems a challenging feat for the gardener in me.
Just about the time I settle into this view, something catches my attention and makes me pop out of the chair to go exploring.

In this case it was the irises I noticed in the perennial bed past the pond.
They haven't bloomed since being transplanted a few years ago.
Was it possible that they were finally performing?
Only one way to find out.
Hop out of the chair and go exploring.
Sure enough they are blooming.
This warrants a photo.
Back into the house for the camera.
Back out to the perennial bed for the photo shoot.
Back to the recliner for a sip of iced tea.

The camera proved to be a valuable tool for allowing me to enjoy some uninterrupted recliner time.
I don't often capture photos of the goldfish in the pond as they tend to be camera shy.
From the recliner I was able to get a shot of a few of them.
They are getting so big which amazes me since we never feed them.

The bird activity at this time of year is so fun to watch.
They all seem to be travelling in pairs as they, no doubt, are working hard at all that is required to set up housekeeping for their soon to be families.
This birdhouse is located at the very back of the garden.
When we noticed a bird flying in and out, I counted on the camera to see just who it was.

A bit of cropping and we see it is an Eastern Bluebird.

Looking in on her pretty blue eggs.
This photo was taken last week during Jaxson's visit.
He and grandpa did a good job of monitoring the nest.

The birdfeeder to my left was a busy spot.
The top of the shepherd's hook seemed to be the place to wait for your turn at the feeder.  Glad I was able to catch this house finch as they didn't pause long for their photo shoots.

Another little garden friend .
This one was a bit hard to spot at first as he so closely matched the stone he was crawling on.

By the time he made his way to the top of the shepherd's hook, he had morphed into a bright green and...

when he displayed his "dewlap" he became downright colorful.
His funniest behavior was something I wasn't able to capture with the camera.  As he ran along the patio he would stop every so often and do a set of push-ups.  Well, I suppose that wasn't really what he was doing but it looked like it to me and made me laugh every time I saw it.
When I first moved to North Carolina and saw these little reptiles I wasn't quite sure what they were.  Thanks to the wonders of the internet I now know that they aren't chameleons or iguanas.  Instead they are Carolina anoles.
Fascinating little creatures.  Read more about them here if you are so inclined.


So, that's a bit about my weekend.
Now it's time for me to ask about yours.
Was it a good one?


  1. Ha! So I guess you could say, "So, Brett, what were you thinking about all weekend?" Since you KNOW what he did all weekend!
    You are a good little garden worker bee. You have a pretty yard and it doesn't come easy so I bet it IS hard to sit and drink tea when the "to do" list grows.

  2. It was.

    Glad that you did all that exploring for us right in your own yard. The bluebird is gorgeous. We rarely see them anymore. Yoir yard looks spectacular!

  3. Your backyard is just beautiful.
    It is hard to just sit. : )

  4. Your garden is so lovely!! I do know how hard it is to sit and relax when you spot a 2' weed that you missed or an Iris that was blooming!! That's why I did not want stairs going down to the back garden from our porch. Sometimes I still go around to the back stairs and chase a squirrel away from digging up my bulbs or something else that I feel I must do NOW.
    Bluebirds are one of my favourite birds. We have to go at least a hundred miles east to see any though.

  5. Oh my goodness...your patio and backyard with the pond, flowers and gorgeous landscaping is one of the prettiest I've seen! I could relax out there all day with a view like that. You have some beautiful bird visitors, too. I had to take our bird feeders down because all it was attracting come spring were crows and a woodpecker who then kept pecking at our house! I have never seen or even heard of Carolina anoles. I am off to check out the link!

  6. Everything looks amazingly beautiful in your garden Kim. Now the rains have gone I almost wish I wasn't leaving today - I could spend a lot of time working in the garden! But Italy calls and I must away!
    Will be in touch on my return - and you just know there will be plenty of garden chores awaiting!

    Love the bluebird pics - oh those pretty eggs soon to be blue babies!

    Hugs - Mary

  7. Your yard is fabulous! It looks like the grounds of a grand estate. Love the bluebirds also. We have some but I have not caught a photo yet.

  8. I'm catching up after a busy week. Those blue eggs are the prettiest things. We don't have bluebirds on the west coast and I always admire them in photos. I can empathize with the "have-to-get-up-to-check-something-out" gardening syndrome. That's what keeps us young and fit (haha).


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