Thursday, June 12, 2008

The heart of my home . . .


Time to rise & shine.

Would you care for a cup of coffee? A little cream & sugar?

My husband won't touch the stuff, but the last thing he does at night is set up my coffee on a timer to go off in the morning. Just a small thing, but so sweet of him. I'll have to remember that on Father's Day ; - )

Ever since I can remember I wanted a yellow kitchen with the sun shining through the windows in the morning. Seemed like such a bright & sunny way to start the day.

We have a lot of days in North Carolina where the sky is a beautiful shade of blue. They call it Carolina Blue. It goes especially well with yellow.

Kitchen ~ the heart of home

So much time is spent here planning meals, organizing recipes, writing snail mail and even paying bills : - (

A refreshing glass of ice tea with a yellow lemon and a sprig of mint helps make the tasks more enjoyable especially in this heat we have been having .

Hmm, I wonder what I should make for dinner tonight?

Baking is something I especially enjoy doing.

I find it very relaxing to bake . . . cookies, brownies, cakes, pies. Yum!!

Is there a more homey smell than something wonderful baking in the oven?

Speaking of baking - it has been far too long since we have had a homemade goody in this house and I have a new brownie recipe I've been wanting to try . . . So, I guess I'm off to do a little baking.

If you have been baking recently, let me hear about it. I always love to try new recipes.

Once I get this blogging down pat I will even start sharing recipes with you.


  1. Thank you for visiting!
    I love your kitchen, so fresh and pretty. And baking, yes! very satisfying, those smells from the oven will bring my husband in from the garden!

  2. Welcome to the world of are in for much fun!

    Your kitchen looks warm and welcoming...I'll come for coffee anytime!

    Thanks for the visit.

  3. Well welcome to blogland! Your home looks lovely. I like your laundry room items. I posted about mine a while back. I will visit again!

  4. Your kitchen is a beautiful shade
    of blue too!

    M ^..^

  5. Oh wow! Have I found a brand new blogger fresh off the press? Wonderful! I loved seeing your beautiful garden and your lovely home. Have tons of fun blogging! It's really a blast most of the time.


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