Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Perfect Day (?)

We have been having a heat wave here for quite a while, but the weather man told me last night that today would be a bit cooler. Hooray!! A perfect day to make a glass of lemonade and take my book out to the front porch and enjoy the sights & sounds of Summer.

Just before I sat down I (thank heavens) took a look at the chair. Here is what I saw.

Ughh & double ugghh!! Can't stand spiders. When I looked around a bit more I noticed that he and most of his extended family had taken up residence on my porch during the heat wave. Well, I certainly can't enjoy my book with all of these creatures lurking about so it's off I go to fetch my extend-a-pole cobweb duster. Dust, dust, stomp, stomp. There ~ that's better. Now let's try again.

Oh, what's this? Oh yes, the rest of the impatiens that never made it into that pot before the heat wave began. I did manage to dump water on them a few times in the past few weeks.

Well, now I certainly won't be able to concentrate on my book knowing that there are impatiens nearby struggling to stay alive. Okey dokey, off to the garage for the trowel & watering can. Plant, plant, water, water. Much better. I think now I'm set. Take a seat ~ just about ready to open the book ~ oh my gosh are these chairs and the porch railing ever dirty. Inner voice ~ try to forget about it and just read. I tried, but sorry the grit & grime was preoccupying my thoughts. Sooo, off to the garage again for this:

Wash, wash, scrub, scrub, rinse, rinse. Geez it's getting hot out here. I thought the heatwave was over. Into the house for ice water. Back outside. Wash, scrub & rinse some more. Into the house to sit in the A/C for awhile. Recover. Back outside to put away cleaning tools, trowel, potting soil and hose.

Ah, yes. . . I think I'm done.

Time to enjoy that sweet raspberry lemonade.

It was all worth it. On this first day of Summer we are ready to enjoy the porch.


  1. You sound like me last week trying to get to my house cleaning done! :-)
    I'm glad you finally had some time left to actually sit on your porch and read.
    I sat on my front porch today too.

  2. I hate spiders too! My hubby laughs at me because it is like the dirt is calling my name. I can even say, I am not going to do that today...but sure enough...I end up doing it! I am surprised you weren't too exhausted to even sit down and read a page. I will be waiting a while to sit outside degrees!

  3. I love that pillow on your chair!!! So pretty, it just shouts "summertime".

  4. Looks wonderful! I'm glad you scooted those nasty critters away! I bet you really had a restful time once you were done with everything!

    :0) Sharon

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog and the warm welcome.

    Your blog looks great!

  6. Spiders arent my idea of good company..BE GONE

    Hope you enjoyed your porch outing
    and reading.. I love to do that...

  7. Ah your herbs above are wonderful. . oh and the book, oh how wonderful to sit on the porch and read a book that you just know is going to be good. Enjoy!


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