Monday, July 14, 2008

The Beauty of Butterflies

Right outside my kitchen window a beautiful butterfly bush grows.

Every year I debate whether I should dig it up as it really is too tall to be in front of a window.

We cut it back all the way to the ground in the late winter and by mid summer it is almost covering the window unless we constantly give it a clip and a snip.

When I can have a close-up view of this while I sip my morning coffee . . .

And this as I eat my lunch . . .

Any thoughts of digging it up go by the wayside.

If not for my close-up view I never would have noticed this butterfly is missing part of her wing - poor thing :(

In fact, this morning I was watching the butterflies flutter and trying to think of my next blog post. Not much was striking me. Oh boy, I only started blogging last month & already the well is dry. Not good.

Hmmm . . . sip of coffee, glance out the window. Hell-O!! Wake up & smell the coffee or should I say grab your camera & get snapping. There is beauty all around us just waiting to be noticed.

When you really take the time to notice, butterflies are one of God's beautiful creatures. They look as though they have been very carefully painted. Watching them flutter through the flowerbed is so soothing.

Earlier this spring I changed things around in my china cabinet.

This is my wedding china. It is called Something Blue and made by Mikasa.

What can I say . . . I have always loved flowers and anything to do with the garden.

He looks ready for a garden party.

If they had a contest for best garden hat, he would win, hands down.

A few

butterflies to soften

the top.

Last week I did a little thrifting.

One of my favorite things to find while thrifting are some of the figurines made in the 50s & 60s. They are made in Japan and have the sweetest faces. Most of my collection are angels, but I do have some other ones too.

I felt I scored big when I found these 2 cuties:

You may be wondering what they have to do with my butterfly post.

Angels ~ with butterfly wings.

Naturally, they had to become part of the china cabinet display.


  1. Don't move the bush! What a blessing to have a butterfly dancing for you. One blogger told me that those moments are God winking at us! Your figurines are could post about your collection!
    We all run out sometime...think, who would care about that...sometimes, those are the ones that get the most comments!

  2. Your view from the window is wonderful! What beautiful butterflys.
    Also love the two little figurines with the butterfly wings. So cute!


  3. I agree with my cousin ceekay - don't move the bush!! I'd love to have a pretty butterfly bush near a window. What a blessing. I love watching them - but I have to go outside to see them. No nice sunny windows to plant near.

    Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  4. How nice to see the butterflies out of your window like that. You got some really nice photos of them. I love the dishes - they are so pretty.
    It's amazing how differently you see the world once you start walking around with a camera!!

  5. Now that is a view indeed! I wouldn't trade that for anything :)


  6. I love your wedding china and your china cabinet display. Those figurines are darling. Twyla

  7. We had a butterfly bush when we lived in Georgia. It smelled heavenly!

  8. What a great post! I love the pictures of the butterflies! You just don't see them very much any more. I saw one the other day and was so excited! I remember when I was little we saw them all the time. It is sad. I would keep that bush for sure! I like all the butterflies you have in your house too!

    Hugs, Sharon

  9. Kim, thank you so much for stopping by to visit my blog! I have loved visiting yours, and these two angel figurines are exactly the kind I would be drawn to. I too love the Japanese-made figurines and have collected quite a few.



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