Sunday, July 20, 2008

Shhh . . . don't tell Peanut

We've just returned from a quick trip.

The worst part of going away is having to leave someone behind.

Peanut starts getting anxious as soon as she sees the suitcases.

She will often head for the closet at this point & hide behind my husband's shirts.

Then, in the car on the way to the kennel, she starts panting & whimpering and shedding like crazy.

Oh, the guilt I feel is almost enough to keep me home.
So, to try & make her (or maybe me) feel better I explain to her how she wouldn't have any fun where we are going and she would be stuck in a hotel room all day.


Now, the questions is . . . .

How do I explain this to her???

While she is stuck in the kennel, other chihuahuas are doing this.

~Click to enlarge ~

Isn't this too funny? Yesterday on our way home I looked out the window at some passing motorcyclists & this is what I saw. My boys & I started cracking up & told my husband he had to slow down so we could take a picture. When we got next to them again, the driver very kindly paced herself so that we could take some pictures.

This little dog was sitting there in his little Harley Davidson vest, hat & shades enjoying the ride.
It's a good thing Peanut can't read my blog.
What she doesn't know won't hurt her.


  1. Poor Peanut! I hope she won't have to be in the kennel long. Don't you wonder what they think. The last time we left Buffy, he stopped eatting or drinking three days into our trip. We hurried home thinking we had to get there before he dies and the first thing he does when he sees us is run straight to his water dish! It was so funny. Love our babies, don't we. Great picture by the way! Thanks for stopping by our blog for a visit today. Yes, old cards are the best! Have a nice Sunday. Twyla

  2. A Harley dog rider - how cool is that!!
    Great photo!! Nice of her to slow down so you could take the picture.

  3. So funny...LOL. What a great picture. Thanks for your comment on the sun-porch I am glad you enjoyed it. The saying is a rub-on over the french doors. Good Luck. Dana

  4. What a cute post! And poor Peanut!
    I know what you mean about leaving our babies behind. Otis and Riley get anxious too and can always sense it. I usually have a dog sitter come in.

    That's a great photo, and, yes, it's good Peanut can't read your blog!


  5. Poor Peanut...our little Bear does the very same thing as soon as the packing starts. So far, I've been able to leave him with the kids if they don't go with us. kills me to see how upset he gets.

    I love the Harley ridin doggie...what a riot!


  6. Oh my gosh, we do have the same colors. I love your banner. Also, you have the same pillow that I do. The toile designed one.

    I love your style.

    Sunbonnet cottage


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