Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Love Impatiens

I love the bright colors of impatiens
the way they keep those beautiful colors going all summer with very little care. I just make sure they have adequate water and they keep on bloomin' all the way til frost time.
Every spring I plant them in pots going up my front steps.

The biggest question each year is what colors to plant. I want them to look showy, but not compete with the brick color.

This spring I stood at the garden center and took a look at all of the different choices. I saw some flats filled with a variety of colors and thought - what the heck - I'll try those this year. I think it worked out just fine.

Every summer, without fail, some new plants sprout up from the cracks between the steps. It is moist there as you can also see the moss. I always leave them to grow right where they are. I kind of follow that motto "Bloom where you are planted".

I'm always amazed at how quickly the pots fill in after planting them. When I first plant them they look kind of pitiful, but in a matter of weeks they are overflowing the pots. You might recognize the one above as it is the one I planted on my June 21st post. ( I would do a link to that post, but I don't know how to. Hey, if anyone wants to leave me a comment on how to do that I would be so grateful).

Well, we're getting near the end of July and summer will soon give way to back to school time. Are you finding time to enjoy your flowers and all of the other good things that summer has to offer?


  1. Your impatiens look beautiful...I think they like it at your place. I've never had great success with impatiens.

  2. I love impatiens too! They don't do well here in AZ, but they used to grow like bushes in Michigan. Your pots look lovely!

  3. Your impatients are absolutely beautiful.

    Putting a link in your post.
    When you are typing your post just highlight the word you want the link to be.
    Then click on the little green link icon on the tool bar.
    A window will pop up - you type the url and hit OK.
    That should do it.

  4. Yep, born and raised in a suburb of Detroit - Roseville. Lived in the area for 33 years of my life. Then moved. I am a DEEEtroiter at heart! But you are in one of my fav states. I love the Carolina's. That is where my best friend Ro from A Hint of Home lives. Small world!

  5. Oh, I love them too. They are often underrated but I think they are gorgeous and such generous bloomers.

  6. Your pots at your entry look beautiful and I love the different colors. Great idea!


  7. What beautiful flowers.

    You must have a green thumb? I'm green with envy (giggle).


  8. I Love impatiens too! Although, we have been gone a lot this summer and mine seem to be sad because everytime we come home they are all sad and droopy. I need to find a neighbor kid to help with the watering when we are gone. Great pics. Dana

  9. Your impatiens are beautiful! Love the colors you chose.


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