Friday, March 12, 2010

The Beauty of an (almost) Spring Rain

~ Shamrocks ~

The first few days of this week were gorgeous here.  Sunny and in the low 70s.  I spent most of the day outside on Monday and felt like the kid that doesn't want to come in until the street lights come on.  So, on Wednesday and Thursday when the skies turned gray and the rain started to fall it was a bit of a let down.  Seems to be the way it works right after I wash my car ;-).
This morning as I took a little walk around the garden, I was amazed at the changes that had taken place in such a short time.  I bought the shamrock plant (above) for St. Patrick's Day several years ago.  Afterwards I planted it in the garden and it has been thriving ever since.  Soon it will be covered in beautiful little pink flowers.

Seeds planted in my vegetable garden are beginning to sprout.

Broccoli planted last fall is really taking off this week.

The daffodils should be opening any day now.  I can hardly wait.

The petite Tete a Tete daffodils were just green shoots on Tuesday and look at them now.

Earlier in the week I fertilized and deadheaded the pansies.  They were looking a bit bedraggled after the winter.  The combination of sun and rain has already worked it's magic in making them begin blooming once again.

Although days like this may not be as uplifting as bright sunny days, they play an important role in the garden and I'll try to remember that the next time I'm tempted to complain about the weather :-).

I'm off to walk with my little four legged friend.

Have a Happy Weekend and don't forget to Spring forward.  Yay ~ more daylight.


  1. Hi Kim
    It is hard to stay inside with this kind of weather isn't it? All my daffodils seemed to start blooming overnight! Hope you have a good weekend too!

  2. Oh your flowers and look so nice already. It looks like spring has sprung for you. We had a few nice sunny days too and today it is raining. That should wash away the remaining snow.
    Have a wonderful weekend Kim. :-)

  3. It's amazing what a bit of rain will do for the flowers...not so much for spirits already flagging after a long winter, but one can always appreciate the colors of the garden. I didn't know that broccoli gets planted in the fall in your corner. How much longer must you wait?

  4. I've got to get started on my veggie seeds, you've just reminded me! Isn't spring wonderful? Such sweet signs of new life. I'm in heaven in spring!

  5. When I think of the years we were in a drought...the spring rains really are welcome and beneficial! Enjoy your weekend! ♥

  6. Thank you for sharing some rainy day photos. I adore rain and you are the second person to take rainy day photos. Love the raindrops on the shamrocks. xo,

  7. It is very cool, raining and windy tonight, but with my visit to this blog, I am reminded again that Spring will soon be here. I really enjoyed going through your flower beds and seeing the buds and vegtables peeking through. I remember from last summer, that you have a green thumb. That makes me excited to see all that is growing in your beds. You are definitely ahead of us in growth. I have not even seen a bud. Such a beautiful post.

    Wishing you a relaxing weekend.

  8. I heard it was raining at home. I'm out in AZ visiting Ceekay.
    It's been dry and cool here.
    Our daffodils were open when we left SC.
    Can't wait to get home and see the Bradford pear trees in bloom.

  9. Hi Kim,
    Just so enjoyed your flowers, I am happy too to be able to go outside and see spring coming forth. Thank you for sharing.
    Blessings, Sue

  10. Kim, now that you know what is causing the rain, you can save your car washing for the dry season:) We're a ways behind you but we're catching you by leaps and bounds. It doesn't take much rise in temps here to get everthing budding and breaking grounds. We are gettin a lot of rain. Since it isn't white and frozen, I don't mind a bit either.

  11. Good morning Kim,
    Wow, your flowers are beautiful! It's so exciting to see little peeps of green breaking forth from the dirt.....
    Your daffodils and pansy's are proclaiming 'spring has sprung'..... Yea!

  12. Kim, thanks for sharing your flowers. I can't believe how much my plants have grown this week from the warm weather and rain! Enjoy! Love the Shamrock plant!!

  13. How beautiful! My tulips and daffodils are just a couple of inches tall, I'm having fun watching them and waiting for the blooms. I love that shamrock plant! So charming and delicate. Your mini daffodils and pansies are so lovely! = )

  14. Awww, Kim ... thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I am so delighted to know that you're enjoying it and some new crafting too.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend! And definitely try the soup some time.


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