Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Saggy Socks and Other Fashion Mysteries

On a recent visit to the hair salon, I was listening to the salon owner talking about the tights she was wearing under her slacks.  She was raving about how comfortable and silky they felt.  She went on to say that they were the "George" brand at Walmart.  As I listened to the conversation I wondered if I would ever wear tights as I usually wear trouser socks with dress pants.

It seems my question was answered for me today.
When I left for work this morning this pair of socks was at my knee.  Every time I got up from my desk to go anywhere they were suddenly ankle socks.
While heating up my lunch and hoisting my socks, I was telling a co-worker about my little issue.  She said as she was laughing, "I'm sorry Kim, but it really is funny."  I had to admit she was right and then we were both laughing.

Now, I'm certainly no fashion maven, but I do think a sense of humor is a good thing to have when it comes to fashion after 50.

Recently my sister-in-law and I decided to go to Kohl's after eating lunch.  She said she could use some sandals and I said I could use a black purse as my current one is falling apart.  Neither of us particularly like clothes shopping anymore.  Not because we don't like cute clothes ~ more like it is such a process to figure out what looks age appropriate, stylish and hides the increasing flaws that seem to come with age. 

After choosing a boring (yawn) black purse, we decided to check out Spring fashions for ladies our age.  There were many trips to the fitting room where the things that looked perfect on the hanger looked a bit different on us, but we were laughing hysterically at the growing discard pile.

Finally we discovered one blouse that seemed to work.

Not too low cut, yet not too matronly.

One of our favorite features was where this band hit.  It fell beneath the tummy and kind of camouflaged the less than washboard abs.

After finding something that was fairly fashionable and covered the worst of the flaws I decided to ditch that boring black bag for something a bit more exciting for Spring.

And the way I look at it now is when you find something that works, stick with it.  Case in point ~ I bought the blue model too.

We may not be fashion plates, but we sure did laugh a lot that day.  We even had some of the sales clerks laughing along with us. 

Am I the only one who finds clothes shopping to be such a challenge at this age?  I'd love to hear your stories.  Where do you like to shop? 


  1. I'm laughing as I type. I love trouser socks, that is, until they fall around the ankles. I had a dentist appointment several weeks ago, and as I sit in the chair, and your legs are stretched straight out before your view, and here's my socks around my ankles.... UGh!

    My best friend and I have our very best laughs in a dressing room (we always share the same room) ...it makes for more laughs.

    I like your purse and top.....and I love this topic..... I relate!

  2. I feel for ya with those socks. That would have made me crazy!

    Love your new blouses and the purses to match. I'm a black purse girl too...need to break out of that habit!

  3. So glad that you found such fun purses and a yellow one...oh wonderful...and some blouses that work. That's all we need, something that will work. Yes, I find it incredibly challenging to find anything that works anymore. Hence, I only shop when truly desperate.

  4. Hi Kim ~ So funny...I am chuckling as I write this! I too, like trouser socks...but only if they stay where they belong. I think I am still looking for clothes like I used to wear. I know what I like...but apparently that isn't what is in fashion and has not been for quite sometime. I do like to dress for comfort. I like my jeans or dress pants to fit at my waist...which seem to be hard to find. Thank you for sharing...we all need a good laugh every now and then! Also, thank you for visiting my "little space"...I am enjoying sharing little bits from my home! ♥Hugs♥

  5. I went to Kohl's this week, too! And do you know what I bought? A BLACK purse! heeheehee! I didn't even look at the clothes! I am thick around the middle so I wear tops that work well 'out'...as in, not tucked in and capris most of the time here in Florida. I'm glad it's more casual here! ♥ Love the top you found! ♥

  6. I had to laugh about the trouser socks. So funny!! I am tall, so clothes shopping has not really been a problem for me. And having 2 adult daughters, they are determined that I am not going to look like an "old lady" even though I am 56. I don't want to look like a teenager, but they do help me with clothes purchases, so I can try to be in fashion and not look like an "old lady". I love your new top. Very stylish. And the purse is great too. Love & blessings from NC!

  7. I too wear the trouser socks.
    Sure sounds like a fun day of shopping. I like to go to Kohls too, they have great sales. I like to get my jeans at Ross. I always find a few there when I go. They have great prices and on Tuesday if you're over 55 you get a 10% discount.
    When I shop I just forget what my age is and buy what I like. :-)

  8. Here is my list of "hate to do's: 1. bra shopping (if one side fits, then the other inevitably will not) 2) clothes shopping of any kind (if it fits one place, it will not fit another 3) shoe shopping (my feet aren't changing in size, I just don't like to do it.) All of the above may be why I look like a ragamuffin much of the time. Now my husband shops constantly. The mall is his friend. It is my enemy.

  9. What a fun day. And, you came home with clothes. The challenge overcome. I hate buying clothes. Nothing looks right anymore as my body shifts and stretches and bulges and pouches. Anybody out there needing a new career. How about designing us older women some clothes.

  10. Oh, how fun, Kim. You make me laugh. I have the same problems you do and feel the same as you. I love the outfits you bought (I could wear those, and the purses are fabulous). I like to shop at Kohls too, seems to have things that fit me at fairly good prices.


  11. I hate when my socks are loose, it drives me crazy!
    I love the new Tops, very nice. Good score!
    I am having a Easter Candy Cup Giveaway.
    Stop on by for a chance to win!
    Join the Fun

    Hugs, Diane

  12. My shopping tips:
    IF you wear trouser socks, buy only one kind and many pairs - they tend to disappear one at a time. Always carry an extra in your coat pocket because invariably one is loose and you don't realize it until you are someplace else. Store one in your desk drawer because sometimes the ones that you start out with give out before you do. Walk to work because if your socks are going to fall down they will probably do it on your walk and you can spend the time thinking about where you have hidden the extra sock at work.

  13. Clothes shopping with your sister...fun times at any age!

  14. As a matter of fact, I'm going to Kohl's today. (one of those 30 percent off coupons, you know). I'm having trouble finding skirts that are a good length - I'm not that picky, but somewhere between mid-thigh and mid-calf would be nice!

  15. Cute tops and I really like the yellow purse! I absolutely hate pantyhose and tights. I'm so glad I live in the South because as long as it's warm I can wear a dress with no leggings! I hate clothes shopping - I'm really a jeans and tshirt kind of person. I can shop for furniture all day, but a few hours of shoe shopping does me in!


  16. I've never been a shopper, but I do like trouser socks. I just looked down to check my socks. :) Jeans with a top are just great. I know what you mean - the word matronly... yuk!

  17. Kim, I hear you about trouser socks and clothes shopping! Thanks for making me laugh-I thought I was the only one with these issues! Have a great day!

  18. Hi! I am Jeane' (Judy @ Just a little something's daughter) and I just have to say that this was a hoot of a post! LOVED it!!! And let me just say that your shirts and coordinating bags are QUITE the appropriately TRENDY peices...perfect! As for the trouser socks, my mother used to buy me nude colored knee highs when I was in jr. high. You can only imagine the panic I felt on the days they lost their elasticity, and suddenly I had the ankles of a 95 year old woman. Bless her, though, she was only trying to help. ;) ( Don't tell her I wrote this, she'll have a fit! hahaha!).
    Thanks for the laugh!


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