Saturday, July 14, 2018

Houses, Homes and Home Sweet Home

While tugging on a weed below the bluebird house, I heard a bird come flying out.  In years past we would have been keeping better tabs on that little house.  By now we would have most likely seen a new little family come into the world.  This year, however, we've been preoccupied with all things moving related.
It was a welcome surprise to peek into the house and discover four little eggs.  I'll now pay closer attention as the new residents make this little birdhouse their home.

Inside the updating and sorting continues.
As we continue to purge our belongings and set the stage for the next owners, this house is feeling less like our home.
Surprisingly I am enjoying having my rooms minimally decorated.  Makes it easy to keep them dusted and vacuumed.  
Although, at times I still have the urge to move things around... you know... play!  But since the stager has recommended keeping things in place, I am resisting the urge. Ha!
There was one little spot that I hadn't figured out.
The area above the desk in the kitchen.  When she came to make her recommendations she looked up there and said to remove everything with color.  Once I did that I was left with nothing.
Color had been taking place up there for years as you can see here 
and here.
I pulled what few white things I could find from the cupboards and made a trip to Home Goods.  Not wanting to take anything to the new house that I won't be using, I made careful selections.
A couple of vases, a square white plate and the Welcome Home sign.  I'm hoping that by the time the prospective buyers read it they will already be picturing themselves living here.  Reading that will just be confirmation. :).

 Meanwhile, progress is being made on our next home.
Last week it was just a slab.
Now I am beginning to see Home Sweet Home.


  1. Hi Kim! How exciting! I love the look of your new home!

  2. You will probably be in your new home before we are!! Things going slowly with ours but then it is being built pretty much by one person who is a perfectionist!!!
    I know exactly what you mean by it not seeming like home and it is easy to keep clean!! : )
    Your new house is looking great.

  3. I like how you've decorated the space in your kitchen but I like much more the more colourful Susan Branch inspired look or the Christmas red theme. I hope the house will be sold very soon. Your new one sure is coming along well.

  4. Exciting times! I far prefer color and what you would ordinarily do over the cookie cutter bland, but those stagers know their craft. Your new build is coming along fast. How is it that I had not realized you were building? I must be daft.

    1. Come to think of it, I'm not sure whether I've mentioned it. :)

  5. I certainly can relate to this post Kim. Have been wondering how things are going. Your new house is sure coming along.
    As you know we've moved a lot. This post reminds me of when my son was around 10 and yet again our house was on the market. When I saw him going to use the powder room, I reminded him not to use the towels on the rack, but rather the towel on the side of the sink. He looked at me and said "I can't wait for this house to be sold so we can live in a home again!" Well said :-)
    Hope it sells sooner than later.
    Take care

    1. Your son's comment made me laugh. I can relate :).

  6. That would be very hard to live in a minimalist, staged home when you're used to having all your comfortable decor all around you! Your new home is looking good though. How far away is it from your current home?


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