Thursday, July 4, 2013

Change of Plans

   I don't mean to carry on about the rain, but...
that seems to be the topic of conversation around here lately.
In my last post I shared a picture I'd taken from the backdoor.
This morning I'm featuring scenes from the front door.
They have one thing in common
On the good side, the grass is green, the flowers are flourishing and the fountain is filled to the brim all thanks to Mother Nature.

I'm so glad I picked a few between raindrops.
They are adding a much needed bright spot to my kitchen table.
Our neighborhood had a full day of activities planned to celebrate Independence day, everything from a pet parade to fireworks.  They have officially been cancelled.  Our plans to have a family get together have been dashed as well, my sister-in-law is dealing with shingles, one son has to work a double shift tomorrow and the other son is going to be out of town.  
Last night Brett & I were discussing the fact that it would now be just the two of us and I suggested maybe we should tackle a long avoided project in the house.  He didn't seem overly thrilled with that idea.  Ha! Can't imagine why.  I did try to sweeten the deal by saying we could watch a movie and have a nice dinner afterwards.  
And, of course, there's always the fireworks on tv.  


Wishing you a Happy (& hopefully dry) Fourth of July.



  1. There's always tomorrow - a delayed treat is sometimes even more fun:-)(Of course, you can't change the date . . . )

  2. I hate when bad weather lands on a holiday and take it rather personally. ☺ Your photos say otherwise, though, so I think that you and your beloved will come up with some sort of fun...perhaps it will be a day to be preferred. (Your poor sister-in-law with shingles...hope that she finds some relief.)

    Our plans have changed as well...blessed be the flexible and all that...but the day broke blue and that was a happy surprise.

  3. Yes, rains here in IL except this am is sunny and a beautiful blue sky. A project sounds great...but Mr and I are going to take it easy!

  4. Sorry all your plans have been 'rained on'. May you have a wonderful July 4th...whatever it holds for you!

  5. It is hazy hot humid sticky, but so far no rain. I am continuing to work on projects, indoor ones today, and will make a burger and a hot dog later on. No plans for me this year, and I don't mind. Sorry to hear about your SIL. They are painful, I hope she gets relief and they clear up fast. xo

  6. Happy Fourth anyway, Kim! Wow! That rain is really coming down!
    You are so funny! What project to you have in mind for your hubby?

    1. Cleaning and organizing the bonus room which has become a bit of a storage space.

  7. Happy Fourth of July, Kim. That's a lot of rain you've been having. It gets tiresome after awhile. Hope it stops soon. Meanwhile, enjoy being cozy indoors.

  8. Your yard and fountain are beautiful. Sure wish the rain would come this way.
    Happy 4th!

    1. Dolores,
      I'd gladly send it your way if I only knew how :)

  9. Vee says you have a lovely blog, and you do!!!

    Gentle hugs,
    (Who is being a little silly, after the Holiday...)

  10. I am a new follower. Vee sent me =). What a beautiful blog you have. I'm looking forward to a little self-guided tour. Happy "day after the 4th!" ~Sally

  11. You can yak all you want about the rain because I'm in the same boat floating away in it. I checked our ten day forecast, and it will be basically hanging around the whole time. My flowers are drooping unto death too.

    I will try very hard to remember that we are just one year out of about a five year drought.

    But I sure would like some sunshine!

    BTW, Vee sent me so I'm trying to be on my best behavior.

  12. I was visiting Vee this morning and she mentioned the lovely book you sent her. We are in the same situation as you with rain, rain and more rain here in Asheville NC. Your fountain is lovely.

  13. When I visited Vee this morning she mentioned your lovely blog so I came by for a visit. She was right about how lovely it is. I am a new follower.
    I was intrigued by the book "The Lobster Chronicles" and the author. I am going to have to find that book. I have visited Maine and love it so anything to do with Maine interested me.
    I hope you have some sunshine for the weekend.

  14. Sorry your plans got cancelled because of the rain, but Happy 4th!!
    We've had lots of rain here too but it doesn't last long and the sun is out again in to time. Weather was beautiful here yesterday and we enjoyed our new little town. It didn't rain until after 4 when things were winding down anyway.

  15. Everything looks so green and lush there from all the rain! Our neighborhood could not have a fireworks display due to the risk of fire -- Colorado has been overly dry so far this summer. We had a nice family barbecue in our backyard and while the children played the adults ate way too much! :)

  16. I love the lady Liberty candle unique! And it seems like a lot of us have had to deal with rainy weather. We have little pop up showers that you can't predict. So we've been doing some home improvements and enjoying some time at home! And now it's the weekend! ENJOY! Sweet hugs!

  17. Wow, that is serious rain Kim! Love your new header.


  18. Your new header makes me smile at it's beauty and creativity! I do can relate to many days of rain. My husband calls it a "greenhouse summer". Your flowers in the canning jar add a perfect touch to your table. You are so talented at decorating!


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