Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Patriotic Touches on a Rainy Morning

It's raining . . . again!
  So far this summer has been unusually rainy.
It seems like every day there is a downpour.
I must say I haven't minded this break from lugging the hose around daily to water my plants and the garden is doing great with this steady watering.

 It's looking a bit iffy for outdoor plans on the 4th of July.
Our current plans include time on the lake, dinner from the grill, yard games and fireworks.  
Just in case it's a rain out and we're stuck inside, I think I'll spend some time today doing a little decorating.

 While cleaning up my photo folders this morning, I came across these from a few years ago and now I'm inspired to dig out a few patriotic pieces. 

If you're looking for a simple way to add a patriotic touch to your home, it doesn't get much easier than tossing some poker chips into a clear vase and popping in a few flags.

 Patriotic fruit is pretty simple too, not to mention tasty.
A win-win for sure!


Come rain or shine, we'll be ready to celebrate America's birthday.
Although, if it does rain, I hope it quits before the fireworks start.


Wishing my American readers a safe and happy
Fourth of July!!


  1. Your garden looks beautiful. I hope you have a happy 4th July whatever the weather.

  2. Your patriotic decorating is beautiful.
    Having lots of rain everyday here too but at least it doesn't last all day long.
    I'm so looking forward to getting settled in the new house!! : )

  3. So charming! Can't go wrong with patriotic decorating. We must be in the same weather pattern. It has rained for days and days and days... I gasped to find mushrooms growing in the garden. Ugh. A Happy Fourth of July to you!

  4. Happy Independence Day, Kim! Looks like you are all set. Hope the sun comes out on Thursday. We're getting a lot of rain too. xo

  5. Kim, your table looks perfect for the July 4th holiday. I hope you have a lovely, dry and safe day for it this year. We had our July 1 Canada Day celebration yesterday and the rain held off until after the fireworks. Enjoy!

  6. Poker chips? I have some of those! What a cute idea! We can't really plan on outdoor activities here in Florida right now either. We're having a little rain shower right now and everything looks so green and lush outside! Happy fourth my friend!

  7. Loving the table! I think we've had more rain this summer than several summers combined. Our weeds are growing faster than our tomatoes, though, and that i don't like! Happy fourth of July!

  8. Enjoy the day no matter the weather!


  9. And..... here we are in south Texas begging and praying for rain. Your table looks fabulous. I love the idea of poker chips and a flag.
    Have a fun and delicious day tomorrow!

  10. I love all your red, white, and blue, and my favorite thing of all was the poker chips on the centerpiece. I love that! In fact, with my red and black kitchen, now I'm on the hunt for a checkerboard set to try to recreate that on my baker's rack or something with the pieces. Cute!!

  11. I adore all of your patriotic decorations! Miz Vee sent me over here for a visit and I am charmed with your lovely blog!

  12. I am so behind in my visits, but you sure did a great job in your patriotic decorating. I would love to sit at such a pretty table!


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