Tuesday, July 16, 2013

In The Garden Today

The cone flowers responded favorably to our recent deluge of rain.
They are blooming profusely, much to the delight of the bees and butterflies.

 It felt so good to get reacquainted with my garden this morning.
Most everything has grown by leaps and bounds.
The tomato plants are at least 8 feet tall and . . .

loaded with promising tomatoes.
I have picked a few handfuls of cherry tomatoes already.  No pictures though as I've already eaten them.  There's just something about that first tomato of the season... still warm from the summer sun... yum!

The basil is coming along nicely.
Can't wait for that first batch of pesto.
Another summery taste that I love.

 There are all kinds of ways to begin the day.
My current favorite is a walk through the garden watching as the graceful butterflies glide in and amongst the flowers.  All the cares of the world just melt away... even if only for a short time.

 What's your favorite way to begin the day?



  1. HI Kim. Your photos of the butterflies and the coneflowers are beautiful. I also enjoyed your post on the cucumbers. We've had the first lettuce and spinach from our son's garden (we share, he does the work). It's been very hot and dry here for a week and a half so we could now use a spot of rain. It's been a beautiful July and I'm not going to complain as it will cool down soon enough. Enjoy the day. Pamela

  2. Lovely photos, things are growing so beautifully there. xo

  3. That last photo looks like a velvet butterfly. We sit in our lanai in the mornings with breakfast and coffee. It's bright and cheery. Enjoy your week!

  4. Beautiful butterflies, Kim! I like sitting with coffee and talking and praying with the hubby. I do like to go out and pull a few weeds, too.

  5. From someone who loves photography, you can imagine how much fun it is for me to visit here. Wow! The butterfly on the cone flowers is an outstanding photograph! Truthfully, I can totally understand why you enjoy getting reacquainted with your garden each day. What a lovely and peaceful place to visit!

    For me, my favorite time of the day is the early morning hours, with a cup of coffee, on my porch.

    Hope you stay cool today! Thanks for blogging. It adds joy to my day when I visit you here.

  6. Over 8 ft? What do you use to stake them? Ours all toppled over at about 5 ft and this has created all kinds of staking issues. Love the images from your very happy garden. I like to begin the day watering my flowers closely followed by coffee with John.

  7. Your garden looks very pleased with the rain and sun. I like to begin my summer days by journaling and reading out on the patio, or taking a wander through my garden.
    This morning I took the car in for a checkup and walked back home, about 20 minutes. The air was still cool and gorgeous cloud formations moved across the sky. It was a wonderful way to begin my day.

  8. Kim, your garden looks beautiful!!!
    We've FINALLY gotten some rain here in Texas.... praise God! It's so amazing how a little rain makes all the ugly brown grass, green up almost overnight.


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