Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Keeping Cool as a . . .

 you guessed it

 After all of my complaining about the rain, I'm pleased to report that the sun is shining and the cucumbers are growing.
My garden is very tiny (4 tomato plants, 4 cucumber vines and a variety of herbs).
I love the fresh scent and crisp texture of a fresh from the garden cuke. They are far superior to those squishy, wax covered things we find at the grocery stores most of the year.
 It will soon be too hot for my dill.  I think the only reason it's still going is due to all of the rain we've had.  I'll be sorry to see it go as it pairs so well with the cucumbers.

 Many years ago I was watching M*rtha St*wart and she was talking about adding cucumber slices to her water.  I made a mental note to try it some day.  It sounded very refreshing to me.  It's a bit embarassing to admit how long it's taken me to get around to actually doing it.  Egads, I can procrastinate on some of the simplest things.  Ha, I'll bet you can't relate to that.  I know my husband can't (as he reminds me often :).

Before I sign off, I want to extend a Great Big Thank You to all who came to visit by way of Vee's recent post.  Since you had to listen to me complain about the weather, I now offer you a consolation prize in the form of a pink hibiscus.  If you have a dog, I can also enlighten you with the fact that the flowers aren't toxic to your furry friend.  I got this info today straight from the vet who looked into it after I told him Peanut seems to have a taste for hibiscus flowers.  

Edited to add:

 ~ Moments after hitting Publish ~
Sigh ~~~
Off to get started on the ark now :/ 



  1. Kim, you are making me want to plant tomatoes and cucumbers. A small garden is a great idea especially when it's your favorite things.

    I wish wish wish for that rain you are having. It is 102 here today.

    1. I'll try, try, try to send it your way, Stacey. Wow, 102 is HOT!

  2. I have come straight from Plumwater Cottage where I confessed to procrastination so guess that I can't deny it here. What I want to know is if you enjoyed the cucumber water. Is it refreshing? It seems like such a waste of cucumber to me. = D

  3. I find it very refreshing. It has a mild cucumber flavor and I can smell that fresh cucumber scent with every sip. Of course, I love cucumbers in the summer. We currently have more cucumbers than we can keep up with, so in this case it isn't a waste. If I had to buy them I would tend to agree with the wasteful part. I have heard that you can also put a few slices in your glass of water. I think the secret is to let them infuse for an hour or so.

  4. I LOVE cucumbers in my water, especially with slices of lemon. I had it at a day spa here and was instantly hooked. It is refreshing and cleansing, too. I haven't grown cukes in years. They are so good when home grown. xo

  5. Oh please do not get irked if I laugh about the last part. It's just that I understand so well. I am living in between rain drops this summer, too. I have actually had cucumber infused water before, and I loved it. Like you, I had intended to make some myself and haven't yet. I'm nothing if not a procrastinator of the simple.

  6. We have a cool day beginning here on the west coast. We routinely joke about us being called the wet coast but this year it seems to be much better and balanced. I do hope your rain stops soon. Your cucumber plant is far ahead of ours. I guess we should have planted garden earlier....but we procrastinated about that.

  7. Your cucumbers look delicious. I tried cucumber water last summer and really enjoyed it. You've reminded me to make it again. I've been procrastinating! I picked the first of our cucumbers last week.

  8. I'll have to try a few cucumber slices in my water. My cucumbers are blooming so hopefully we'll have some before long. I love them! I love your header collage, too. Very pretty!

  9. Nothing like food right out of the garden.
    I never heard of putting cucumbers in water before. I'll have to give that a try.

  10. Does adding the cucumbers flavor the water? Since they are mostly water themselves, I would think it would not effect the water much but boy does it look pretty. I wish MS would have come to Holland with her show.

    I am sorry to hear you have had so much rain. But the garden is looking very green from it, isn't it?!? I love eating, stitching or reading in the garden. In fact, we will be doing just that this weekend at Cranberry Cottage.

    Here's wishing you some sunny rays for the weekend!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  11. I've never tried cucumbers in water ~ sounds so refreshing. My garden is producing tons of cucumbers so I will try this for sure. Yes, this rain just won't quit....raining as I speak.


  12. I never saw cucumbers look so good! I like the idea of cucumbers in ice water and look forward to trying the refreshing idea. My neighbor just dropped off some cucumbers yesterday. You are right, they taste better than store bought ones.

  13. I love cucumber in water. I need it these days as we have had some very hot weather with high humidity. I think we have your summer actually! lol With all the rain we got in early June, I really did not think I would be wanting rain in mid July, but we need it. Weather patterns are sure changing big time.


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