Monday, December 2, 2019

December 2nd ~ warm winter drinks

When I saw this mug at Ross recently, I thought it needed to come home with me.  Brett often wonders if another mug is really necessary.  I suppose not.  However, it fit all of my mug specifications.  Just the right size (don't like them too huge or too small), perfect weight and feel in my hand :), perfect shade of blue for the color scheme I am using in this house and (best of all) the price was right.  I guess you can now see how I rationalized that purchase ;).  These are all important considerations for enjoying a warm winter drink to the fullest.  Would you agree or are you happy with any mug that is available?  No judgement either way.

After spotting the perfect mug, I spotted the frosty coffee and blue and white striped marshmallows.  Contemplating how they might enhance the warm winter drink experience even more, I wondered if they were really necessary.

 The front of the package was awfully appealing to this blue and white loving lady.  But then I read the message on the side of the package and the deal was sealed.


I guess it really is about the small things.

 Because I don't like a cluttered warm drink station, the tea collection can be found in the cupboard above.

Speaking of tea...
this Peppermint Bark is so delicious at this time of year.
It is a nice blend of green tea with peppermint, vanilla and cocoa.  I often open the can just to take a sniff.  Yummy!
I know everybody isn't a fan of chocolate mint.  It has always been one of my very favorite flavor combinations.  I like the vanilla addition to this as I think it mellows out the mint a bit.

Trying out new warm drinks that are only offered at the Christmas season is one of the small pleasures I enjoy.  Have you found any new favorites lately?


  1. Mug design is very important to me and one of the things I would not like about your beautiful mug is that it’s wearing pumps...not heels because those narrow bases are impossible, not flats, which I prefer, but about in the middle. This comment probably makes no sense. I have decided that I no longer need to make sense. If your mug cupboard is full, you could employ the old one in, one out method. It’s how I am getting rid of lots of things.

  2. Your new mug is so pretty! I'm forever bringing cute mugs home but I've resolved to visit the thrift store far less often in the new year. I do have a number of pretty Christmas mugs that I choose from each day. My DH does not understand how a mug can make any difference at all. Besides being cute my mugs have to be okay to go in the microwave. I don't have a dishwasher or else that would also be a requirement.

  3. Oh I like just the right mug too.
    Just like a pretty china tea cup make tea taste better!

  4. It is always a good time to buy a pretty cup. And you've got to match! :)


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