Friday, December 6, 2019

December 5th ~ Festive Holiday Displays

Part of the fun of the holidays to me is looking at all of the pretty displays in the shops.  I also like to check out seasonal products in the grocery stores, etc.  At this point I don't buy a lot, but it sure is fun to take it all in.
This display was in a local shop.  I love the pops of color and the way the holiday jewelry was displayed.  So pretty how they tied the colors on the bottle brush trees with that necklace in the lower righthand corner.  What I really love, though, is the silver mannequin/Christmas tree in the upper lefthand corner.  How cute!!

Have any shop displays caught your attention recently?



  1. Don't do much shopping anymore, certainly not to just wander around. And, who is that gal taking a picture? She caught herself in the window!! Cute.

  2. I visited my niece’s art studio yesterday. She’s crazy busy creating mugs, jewelry, and bowls. That’s the closest I’ve been to this kind of creativity. Until visiting here today, I have never seen a mannequin tree before.


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