Friday, December 6, 2019

December 6th ~ Enjoying the Talents of Others

I was invited into the home of one of my neighbor's this morning.
I was instantly captivated by the beautiful way she had decorated for Christmas.  Gorgeous Christmas trees, mantles and vignettes.  Her tables and kitchen island were all set in different color coordinated themes.  I told her it looked like she was ready for her guests arrival and it's only Dec. 6.   She smiled and continued to show me around.  I was exercising restraint to not whip out my phone and start snapping away :).  After all I'd only just met her.  But then she told me she wanted to show me one more thing which was the mannequin/tree above.  It reminded me of the one I showed in yesterday's post.  She said her daughter's friend was going to throw away the mannequin and she asked if she might have it to copy an idea she saw on Pinterest.  There between two chairs in her bedroom window stands this beautiful creation.  That did it...
I couldn't hold back any longer...
"May I please take a photo?"  She was more than happy to let me do so offering to turn on lights and lower blinds to capture the best photo.  She then invited me to sit with her in the chairs as she explained how she made it.  I think it involved 10 garlands being cut apart, chicken wire, bow making and I don't remember what else.  She told me if I happen upon a mannequin (or dress form) she would happily teach me to make one.  Knowing mine would never look anything like that, I am happy to enjoy the photo of her talents.


  1. Wow. That is quite something! I am sure that she enjoyed showing you her home and this most unique tree and how she accomplished it. Sounds as if you two could be great friends!

  2. I've never heard of a mannequin tree but that one is gorgeous.

  3. I've never heard of one of those trees either. Very pretty but a bit too elegant for my house!! : )
    Funny that you just saw a mannequin tree in the shop!!

  4. How beautiful! Your neighbor is very talented.

  5. How generous of your friend to show you around and offer to help you make a "tree" if you ever want to. Beautiful!

  6. Wow, that's incredible! I've never heard of this or seen one of these. Talented woman!


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