Wednesday, December 4, 2019

December 4th ~ decking the halls with blue and silver ~ fa la la la

As I began decking the halls of my happy home for Christmas this year, something quickly became evident to me.
The open floor plan in this house requires a theme that flows nicely.
As much as I love the traditional reds and greens and my vintage Santas, angels, etc.... they just can no longer all mingle together under one roof. : D.
Well now, of course they could.  I guess I should say I just don't want that look.

It will come as no surprise that blue will feature prominently.
I'm sticking with many of the blue/white/snowmen things I've been using for years.  The biggest change has been adding in more whites and silvers in the form of mercury glass and frosty snowy touches.
Here is what you would see if you were standing right inside the door and looked to your right.  It's a little "key drop" area across from the front bedroom.
Mr. snowman is new this year.  He paired nicely with the frosty branch and that old ornament on the left which had belonged to my parents.  I've held onto it for well over 25 years and finally found a home for it.

If you were still standing in the front doorway the foyer table would be ahead on the left side.  Trying to make it flow with this new theme was a fun challenge.  I've had this Santa for 20 years and almost let him go in the big moving purge.  Now I'm glad I didn't as he seems to be happy right there by the blue/gray and white lamp.  My sister-in-law just gave me the mirrored ball ornament so I popped that in for a touch of sparkle.

On the other end of the table I assembled a few things I had on hand including a candle (love having candlelight on an entryway table) and another old mercury glass type ornament.

This little blue deer was a recent find.
He still has the tags on as I was debating whether he would make the cut.  He has that vintage sweetness that I so love.  I'm thinking he has found his new home :).

The finished table.
Well, I think it's finished.  Although I'm not sure whether I like that Winter Welcome sign in the basket.
That's where taking pictures helps.  Often in a picture it's easier to decide if things look the way you want them.  Do you agree?
You'll often find me moving things around and tweaking right up until Christmas arrives.  It's all part of the fun of the holiday season.

❄❅ Wishing you JOY in the holiday decorating journey ❆❄


  1. Your Christmas decorations are so elegant and beautiful Kim, the deer has found a lovely home.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your Christmas decorations are beautiful. Very classy and elegant.

  3. You have a lovely, elegant Christmas look. Yes, I agree. Seeing things in a photo is helpful. Yes, I also agree that things can get tweaked until the day they come down. Happy tweaking!

  4. I love your blue and silver/white theme. I guess I am stuck with red and green. At this point I am NOT buying more Christmas decorations. Hugs to you from me.

  5. I like your blue and white/silver Christmas decorations. That tiny blue deer is so cute!!
    And I love your old Santa. He's just perfect.

  6. I'm doing the same color theme this year in my living room this year! Keeping things more neutral and "light". Though I do have some red Santas that I love, so I did sneak them in one small area.

  7. Hi Kim. I am new to your blog. I saw it on someone else's sidebar, and since I am happy at home, I knew I needed to stop by a blog with that name.

    Your Christmas decor is beautiful! I love the silver and white, mixed with the blue. That Santa is gorgeous. I'm glad he made the move.

    My husband and I moved (downsized) last November, so I am getting used to decorating a different house too. Besides being smaller (which we love), we now have an open floor plan too, so, like you, I've had to figure out how to make everything flow. I've gone very simple, and I like it a lot.

    Patti @ This Beautiful Life

  8. The little deer is adorable! And I'm keeping it simple this year but of course every day, I do a little more. Enjoy your day!


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