Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thankful Thoughts ~ Day 10

When it was time for a little afternoon reading, it wasn't hard to decide which chair to sit in.

The only problem is I kept getting distracted by the beauty going on all around me.
Thankful today for reading on the patio... in November.


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    1. Having trouble getting a comment to hold...

      It's happening! Autumn. What a great place to read, though with all the colors on those trees, I can see why you were having troubles.

    2. And I don't know how this attached itself to Karen's comment, but I am not going to fret over it.

  2. A perfect place to while away a few hours reading.

  3. Yesterday I sat on the porch swing and marveled at the mild temps for November. Seems we're setting records every day these past weeks....for mild temps but also for rainfall.

  4. We're having a very mild fall so far as well-but from the sounds of the winds roaring outside, it might be changing soon! ( I'm glad--I'm a "snuggle in with a good book for the winter" type )


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