Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Thankful Thoughts ~ Day 8

I'm thankful today for the right to vote.
We chose to do so by absentee ballot this year.
On a recent afternoon, we sat at the kitchen table surrounded by our voter's guide, the laptop and the many flyers received from the various candidates.  We read, researched and discussed our choices.
Once decisions were made we filled in the little bubbles on the ballot, signed, sealed and delivered them to the mailbox.
Today on election day there will be no waiting in long lines, which just might be something else to be thankful for :).


  1. I've been wondering where you are! As you can imagine, Happy Home is all over the internet and I couldn't remember what came before it in your URL. Then saw your name at the top of The Farmer's Daughter blog. Eureka! Here you are!

    1. Brenda,
      So glad you found me again. I'm adding you to my sidebar so that I can remember to get over and visit with you.

  2. It may be that I will vote that way next time. This time, I decided that I could handle any lines because I am from a small town and even if we all landed there at once it wouldn't be a very big deal. Now the right to vote is a very big deal.

  3. My town is small and there are no long lines. Just a few people and we knew each other and just had a visit while we waited a few minutes for our turn.

  4. We voted by mail, too. I can't wait to watch the returns. Crazy, I know.

  5. I find it so good to be here again! Your blog continues to inspire and bring me joy with each visit! In a world that is so rapidly changing, I love that you continue to blog, and continue to share bits and pieces of your life with those who visit. I missed it and am so thankful for you!
    Happy Monday My Friend!


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