Monday, November 21, 2016

Thankful Thoughts ~ Days 17-21

Making up for lost time here today.
While Jaxson was visiting last week, we met up with Brett's brother and his wife for dinner.
We spend most holidays together as the remainder of our extended family are out of state.
Amber is the photographer for the above photo so...

let me include her in the group too.
There, that's better.
My family is something I am thankful for every day.

On day 18 we had a simple supper of soup and salad.
The salad was made with greens from my garden.
The soup was homemade chicken noodle.  The final ingredient I added to the soup was finely minced parsley, also from the garden.
It made me smile when my son said the thing he likes best about my cooking is that everything tastes so fresh.  To me that was a very nice compliment and also easy to achieve when the garden is still producing fresh greens.
Thankful today for my wee vegetable garden.

Day 19 found me searching for a new muffin recipe.
I had some bananas that needed to be used up and I wanted something a little different than the recipes I usually make.
A little browsing on the internet led me to this recipe.
Exactly what I had in mind for a slightly different, yet super delicious muffin.  This is a definite keeper!
Thankful this day for the many good things the internet has to offer like finding recipes in an instant.

During Jaxson's visit my older son ventured into the attic looking for toys he might like to play with.
In the process he came across a dead mouse.  Eek!
Day 20 found Brett and I emptying the contents of this attic which contained toys, games and various mementoes from our boy's younger days.  Some of the boxes hadn't been opened since our move 17 years ago. 
We spent most of the day going through every single box.
In the process we discovered another dead mouse.  Thankfully they were in traps that were set years ago.
Once the boxes were gone through, we gave the attic a good vacuuming and returned the boxes of Legos and edited toys that Jaxson will likely use someday.  The rest were donated this morning.  Two full boxes of Beany Babies were just a portion of the donations. What a waste of money that craze was. 
Anyhow, it now feels incredibly good to have that attic clean and the load significantly lightened.
Very thankful for a clean attic.

You may remember that Brett and I have been working from home for the past two years.
At first I wasn't sure how I felt about "the business" being in my home.  Overhearing Brett talking business on the speaker phone as I went about my daily tasks seemed rather strange.  Maybe even a little intrusive.  But now we have fallen into a rhythm and I rather like it.
One of the boy's former bedrooms serves as our office.
It's a good thing we get along well because we sit at desks a few feet away from one another.
At one point this afternoon I looked towards Brett's desk to this view.
We're still enjoying the beauty of autumn here.

Thankful to be able to work from home today.


  1. Oh dear about those dead mice! But alive ones would have been worse.
    I'm amazed that you still have salad greens in the garden at the end of November.

  2. Sounds that you had a wonderful time. Homemade soups will have very good taste. I love to have yummy muffins!

  3. That would be nice to work from home!
    And yes--anything made at home with help from the garden just tastes soooo much better.

  4. What a good family photo and I very much enjoyed seeing Amber with her own little family. So cute! A cleaned attic sounds like quite the there headroom up there? Have a blessed Thanksgiving week, Kim. You're on the home stretch now!

  5. We both did a 'thankful for family' post this morning. I sure wish I had some of mine closer to us. Happy Thanksgiving to you my friend. We sure enjoyed time in NC and the beautiful Fall trees! Hugs, Diane

  6. What a lovely thankful post.
    Hard to believe you are still getting produce out of your garden!
    It will just be Ken and I here at home for Thanksgiving.
    At least the mice were dead!!


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