Saturday, November 12, 2016

Thankful Thoughts ~ Days 11 & 12

Yesterday was the day we set aside to remember and be thankful for our veterans. 
On a shelf in the living room sits a little shadowbox honoring my best known veteran, my dear Dad.
After he passed away I assembled the small collection of his World War II memorabilia into this little memorial. 
He looks so young.
He was so young.
Nineteen years old then.
Like so many of that generation, he kept his wartime experiences to himself.
It wasn't until my own two boys reached that age that I really realized what it must have been like for him and for his family.

Veterans Day is a good reminder to stop and think about the
many sacrifices our veterans have made and continue to make to keep our country safe and strong.


Today I am thankful for the last rose of the season.
I'm especially thankful to have spotted it in time to bring it indoors to enjoy in a bud vase. 


  1. Now I wondered how you were going to handle that and you did it so easily and well. What a handsome man your dad was. Nineteen. Just a kid really. I certainly am grateful for all the sacrifices that The Greatest Generation made for this country. And how fitting that the last rose of the season is blooming for this post.

  2. What a lovely shadowbox honouring your dad.

  3. Enjoy that rose! You look a lot like your dad.


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