Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thankful Thoughts ~ Day 26

On day 2 of my Christmas decorating I am most thankful for the pictures I have taken for the past several years.

It sure does make it easier to remember how I decked the halls in the past when I can consult my blogging photos.  I'm not one to re-create all of the décor every year.  I make a few little tweaks each year and call it good. 

You'd think I would remember what I did last year.
I guess I do for the most part, but there are always those little details that come back to me quicker when I can see what happened last year or the year before.

Have you started your Christmas decorating yet?


  1. Very pretty! No decorating here yet. I'll wait til December 1st to get started. Need to do some cleaning and organizing first. Have a great day!

  2. The fake tree is up and today I am buying pastel ribbons, fake candy garlands and candy canes. I'm leaving the ornaments in the box this year!
    I'm so tempted to buy greens but it's been warm and it's too early. Argh!
    Your mantel looks wonderful, Kim!

  3. Hey, I'm trying to remember what I did last year! But thanks to blog photos, I can easily go look.

  4. Not yet. I wait until Dec and one day just get in the mood. I don't really do much though.

  5. Yes, I've started to decorate for Christmas but still have lots of gourds and such around. Sort of Fall moving slowly into Christmas.


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