Monday, November 7, 2016

Thankful Thoughts ~ Day 7

I'll give you one guess what I'm thankful for today.
If you guessed bright blue skies, then you would be correct.
When I wake up to a sky like this, I feel happy and energetic.
Unlike gray skies which make me feel tired and lazy.
Unless it is just one gray day accompanied by rain.
In that case I feel slightly lazy yet very cozy.
Funny how the color of the sky can affect my mood, but it does.

I took a little stroll through the garden this morning to see what was blooming.
These shrub roses have been going strong all summer and continue on into the fall.

The Sasanqua Camellias are loaded with buds and a few blooms too.

Azaleas in orange. . .

Pink. . .

and white too.
Not the clearest photo.  I was trying to capture the bee who was wiggling around in there.
I probably say this ever year around this time, but those Encore Azaleas have been great performers.  Pretty in springtime and then again in the autumn season.

Last, but not least, the water lilies are still going strong.

Growing up I always thought of November as a dreary month.
Everything seemed to die or go dormant fading into a landscape of gray and brown.
In time the frost will arrive here too.
For today I'll enjoy a world filled with bright colors.


  1. Keep sharing them! Flowers are few and far between here these days. So true about blue skies! They are like a "wake-up the world is waiting" message.

  2. That color on the water lily is just stunning!
    You have a lot of beautiful blooms still. Very nice!

  3. Oh Kim thanks so much for sharing your garden today. Such gorgeous colors-that water lily is breathtaking!
    Blue sky here today as well without those gorgeous flowers. I feel the exact same way you do on grey days....

  4. I'm another one who loves sunshine and feels less energetic and cheery when it's dreary.
    The flower pics are lovely.

  5. That sure is a bright blue sky. Beautiful.
    The water lily is so pretty. Lots of pretty colors down your way.

  6. I've been very thankful for blue skies lately, too though today is a gray day. Like you, the weather and the skies greatly affect my mood. So I'm feeling pretty lazy today!

  7. Your beautiful garden and bright blue skies are a welcome sight here this morning as the rain drips gently through the trees. I'm wishing I could just be lazy at home, but students await! Enjoy the colours.


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