Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thankful Thoughts ~ Day 24


Yesterday I saw something on Facebook asking whether we were "hosting and roasting"
"baking and taking".
I fall into the latter category.
My apple pie, homemade rolls and butternut squash casserole are ready for the "taking" and my mouth is watering for that traditional once a year turkey dinner.
Before I head out the door I want to wish all who are celebrating a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Today I am thankful for each and every one of you who takes the time to visit and share with me on this little blog of mine.
You make it all worthwhile and I thank you.


  1. Kim, what a nice post. Thank you. I do hope you enjoy the day and the big turkey dinner.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Kim! Your contributions to the dinner sound amazing!

  3. What a cute vintage picture. Happy Thanksgiving.
    I'm thankful for you, your lovely blog and your friendship. 😊

  4. Yes, baked and taked here as well. 😉

    Oh I do live this darling picture. It takes me back to schooldays quicker than anything. It is a pleasure visiting your corner of Blogdom.

  5. Well, the day is over now but I hope it was a good one and you enjoyed the food and the fellowship.

  6. Yay for baking and taking!
    I hope the rest of your weekend is great! I'm thankful for YOU!


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