Saturday, November 5, 2016

Thankful Thoughts ~ Day 5

Good Morning, Friends.
On this lovely November morning I woke up to a breakfast of homemade cranberry pancakes with a hint of orange.  A winning fall flavor combination in my book.
I believe these pancakes taste extra delicious because they were made from scratch by my husband.  Not only that, he also cleans up all the dishes.  The only thing I had to do was chop the cranberries.
He started this tradition early in our marriage.
I think it began with waffles and changed to pancakes somewhere along the way.
When the kids were young and we would travel to Tennessee to visit my parents, Brett would bring his recipe and treat the family to his homemade specialty.  Though my parents have been gone for several years now, as I enjoyed my breakfast this morning I could almost hear my mom raving over how good they were.  She loved breakfast and found it a real treat to have a son-in-law who prepared it for her.
I think that Brett followed the tradition his own dad started when he was growing up.
This summer his dad went to his heavenly home.
While I didn't know his dad when he was making the pancakes for his family, I find these simple traditions a nice way to carry a bit of the past into the future.

Perhaps that is why it warmed my heart to see Jaxson so eager to learn the pancake making skills from "Gompa".

One never knows how long these traditions will continue.

In the meantime they are a fun and tasty bonding time.

Today it was challenging to pick just one thing to be thankful for.
I started off thinking it would be Brett's Breakfasts but as I went along I think family traditions might be a better one.
Either way I am reminded of the many blessings in my life and I am thankful for each one.

If you'd care to join me in thankful thoughts, please feel free to share in comments.

Enjoy your weekend and, if in the USA, don't forget to set the clock back tonight.


  1. Yes yes yes!! Traditions---always thankful for those.....
    I used to take my son out to see Christmas lights one night a year. He got a chocolate shake and french fries from McDonalds for the trip. It was the only time he ever got that food. Was it that or the lights that were so special to him?? I don't know ,but he does it with my grandson now.........

  2. This is a lovely post! Family traditions like yours are valuable as they carry down the generations. Jaxon looks thrilled to be helping his grandfather!

  3. What a lovely tradition.
    It's raining very hard outside but it's warm and cozy in here so I'm really thankful for good heating. One thing I'm not thankful for is Daylight Saving Time and the adjustments needed twice a year. I find I wake up very early at best of times but after the Fall 'back' I have a hard time adjusting.

  4. What a wonderful tradition! Seeing your grandson helping grandpa is precious! The pancakes sound super yummy! I woke up to a nice hot bowl of oatmeal made by my sweetie this morning.

  5. That is a wonderful tradition and a great one to be thankful for.
    I'm impressed that Brett cleans up afterward too. : ) Ken does cook but never cleans up!! Still I'm thankful for his cooking skills. : )
    I can't get over how big Jaxon is!!

  6. What a cutie pie Jaxson is and handy in the kitchen, too. He has grown so much since summer. The pancakes sound delicious and family traditions are precious indeed.

  7. My dad could not cook, but he made great bacon and eggs, and his barbecue was perfection. Jaxson is adorable and growing so fast! Happy fall to you.


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