Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Thankful Thoughts ~ Day 22

I have no photos to accompany my post today.
It was a busy day.
Chiropractor visit.
Grocery Shop.
A wee bit of Christmas shopping.
Dinner made.
Dishes done and now I'm ready to climb into bed and watch This is Us and then, hopefully, drift off to slumberland.
Last nite's sleep left a lot to be desired and I've been trying to stay awake all day.

However, no matter how tired I may be, I am still thankful and today I am particularly thankful for having all of the groceries bought so that tomorrow I can do the cooking and baking for Thanksgiving day.

Nite Nite,


  1. It is a good feeling to have the groceries done! I was with my father today and soon realized that she has not been shopping. If was going to happen after work, but she came home with supper, but no groceries. It's going to be an early morning for her at the grocery store. Glad that you have yours done and mine are, too. You sure got a lot accomplished in a day. Praying that you have a good night's rest.

  2. You got a lot accomplished today and tomorrow will be another busy day. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Hope you have a great night's sleep.

  3. We were fortunate in that the only shopping I had to do this week was for half and half for my coffee...so it was in-and-out quickly at the store. We went EARLY in the day, but it was still very busy! Thank goodness for self-checkouts (I never thought I'd be thankful for those-LOL)
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Kim

  4. I hope you have a lovely thanksgiving Kim! Lots of work to do today here too.. baking, cleaning and a quick trip to the farm stand to get squash!
    happy thanksgiving!

  5. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Kim - we are so lucky to be spending it in still beautiful weather aren't we?
    We will head to the coast on Friday and it promises to be sunny and warm all weekend - living in North Carolina isn't so bad!
    Off to prepare vegetables and make desserts - well as soon as the plumber finishes up and we have running water. Always something requires attention around the house it seems!
    Hugs - Mary

  6. Hope you had a good night's sleep and you got lots of baking done today.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Brett and all your family.


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